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The Review

New Review Wednesday- 2021 | Episode #9 | Arcanna Cannabis Flowers | Lemon Fire OG

You might have noticed by watching my videos that I’ve reviewed herb from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers more than a few times. This company produces amazing herb, and I’ve made it a personal mission to smoke every strain in their catalog. Every time I see something new of theirs at the dispensary I pick up a jar, knowing I’ll probably find something good inside.

I’d seen photos of the Lemon Fire OG on Instagram that were very impressive, and when I saw this bright yellow jar sitting in the display case at Desert’s Finest I asked the budtender to please add that to my order.

Lemon Fire OG is a cross of White Fire OG with a Blue Dream X True Kush cross. I’ve never smoked Lemon Skunk before and it’s been years since the last time I smoked Fire OG… I don’t even remember what was special about the strain – so I went into this review with no idea what to expect from this herb.

The Look, Smell, and Taste

Opening the opaque jar with it’s bright yellow label I was greeted by an almost cheesy smell, but that was just the pent up aromas inside the jar bursting to get out. After the initial rush of smells I was able to start to sort out the complex aromas this strain brings to the table. Something spicy stood out for a bit, replaced by earthy aromas, then I started to notice the lemon aromas. The lemon aroma was accompanied by a skunky smell… a truly complex profile!

I poured the nugs out on the tray and was immediately impressed by the rather large nug that rolled out.


There were a few smalls included, but a nice 2.91 gram nug dominated the jar. The nug, and the smalls, were all well-trimmed. I cut up a small bud that was about a half gram, and the cure was just right. As the pile of cut up herb on the tray grew so did the smell… shortly I was encased in a small micro-environment dominated by lemony and skunky, spicy aromas.

As you could imagine, I was very excited to get this herb in my bong. One of the best things about doing these reviews is trying an herb I’ve never experienced before. Every strain has unique qualities that make it a new and interesting adventure.

The smoke was thick and smooth on the first hit, but I still coughed a lot smoking this one. However, it was such a delightful smoke – very satisfying! The flavor was full of the lemony and skunky flavors, quite earthy, a bit woody – very delicious. After the first hit I immediately jumped into a second hit. Where on earth can you find this collection of flavors in one mouthful of smoke? Amazing! It makes me really glad to live on this planet!

The Effects

Coughing when you take a hit will affect the initial effects of an herb, and I certainly experienced that with this one. I coughed, a lot, and consequentially the high first hit me squarely in the chest. I have to remember to take smaller hits in front of the camera, oh my! I sat at the red bench during the filming break and just felt the rush of the THC vibrating in my chest. It made me very body conscious for a few minutes. It was a bit of a rough lift off…

The focus of the effects of the herb moved up from my chest into my throat, which became a bit tingly, like something in my throat was activated or stimulated by the herb. After that the focus moved to the top of my head, or just above the top of my head, which made me feel like I was wearing a cap or a hat.

After ten minutes of experiencing this very strong lift off, the high reached a new plateau. I started to feel the familiar effects that I associate with smoking a good OG Kush. Oh, I love the OG Kush feel… it’s so comfortable on the body. It has a “cool” feel, like you’re just hanging out behind your sunglasses and watching the world pass by…

Motivating, cerebral, contemplative yet social, relaxed… I really saw no downside to the Lemon Fire OG high, once I got past the first ten minutes. It lasted for a pleasant couple of hours. Later, I spent a whole day smoking nothing but this strain and it was a great way to spend a day, that’s for sure. Each sesh with this herb left me thinking about the projects I was focused on in a clear-headed and creative fashion, and was very motivating for getting to work.

The Wrap Up

This herb reminded me of the fact that the initial rush from cannabis may be nothing like the eventual ride. When I first started smoking herb I wanted that first rush to last through the whole high – I was chasing the high, as they say – but that’s not the way the high from herb is best experienced. It’s a gradual process that has a lift off, a ride and a landing… and every phase of the adventure is different. I learned that over time, and now I like to enjoy each different moment of the high, from lift off to landing.

And I liked this one! The lift off was much smoother after I got used to the effects and took smaller hits so I didn’t cough as much. The focus on my chest never repeated itself, and the high came in with a rush through my body, but very smooth. And once the OG feel hit, well, I was loving it! This is truly another great strain from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers and I’m very glad I tried it – I wish I had a whole bunch of this one so I could spend more time with it because I know this eighth is going to go way too fast! But don’t they all 😉

Until later, best of health.

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March 3, 2021 2:29 pm

Eloquently written review Jon. Sounds like a nice ride.