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The Review

New Review Wednesday – 2022 | Episode #1 | Arcanna Cannabis Flowers | True Ryder

I was amazed when I checked out the online menu at Desert’s Finest in Desert Hot Springs about a month ago… they had True Ryder by Arcanna Cannabis Flowers for only $18 an eighth! That was exactly the strain I wanted to try and I was expecting to pay $35-$40. Eighteen dollars!!! At that price I planned on picking up a few jars.

Not only did they have True Ryder at that price – but Pineapple Cheesecake too! Pineapple Cheesecake was one of my favorite strain of 2020. I couldn’t believe the online menu so I called the dispensary and sure enough, the prices were correct. Apparently Desert’s Finest had overstocked the strains and needed to move the jars. I was happy to move a handful of jars to my home.

At the beginning of 2021 I decided to try every strain from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers in my pursuit of the Holy Grail of herb. They had about eight strains, so it didn’t seem like too big a challenge. Well, here I am trying my last strain from them! At the end of this article I list my favorite strains from Arcanna.

The Look and Smell

The jar I checked out was packaged in April of 2021 – not surprisingly the herb was a touch dry, but Arcanna cures their herb very well. When I cracked open one of the several medium-sized nugs it released a deep, dank, earthy aroma that was a delight to my nose. The smell reminded me of an OG Kush – very rich and heavy like a good bass line in a song.

The eighth weighed in at 3.51 grams – the bright green nugs were thick but a bit loose.

The herb tested at 19.79% THC, which is just perfect for those who want to be able to start slow and dose low.

The Taste and Feel

The taste was wonderful in my opinion because I love classic marijuana flavors on the deep, earthy side. There was definitely some OG in there… which is not too surprising because this strain is also called True Ryder OG by Arcanna (unfortunately I don’t know the actual genetics). This one is listed as an Indica and from both the taste and the effects I could tell that was true.

It took several minutes before the effects showed up. This is a creeper and will easily fool you into taking an extra hit or two. If you’re taking the slow and low approach here’s a word of advice – wait for it!

When the high came in I had already taken about three or four hits, and it smacked me like an ocean wave. The high was an all-over high that lidded my eyes and gave me a dry mouth – classic marijuana effects. I could feel the strong sense of relaxation entering my whole body, from the tips of my dreads to the ends of my toes. Because I’ve been smoking and loving the herb for nearly 39 years, this herb fit me like a comfortable suit I’ve worn many times. There were no surprises to the high, just a great, relaxed buzz. As I mentioned in the video review – I was pleasantly stoned :).

The Wrap Up

I will continue to smoke the herb that comes from Arcanna because they grow some of the best. While this isn’t the Holy Grail of herb, it is a solid strain – classic marijuana! Add this to the list of fine strains that Arcanna Cannabis Flowers has grown to perfection under the brilliant California sunshine.

Here is my list of favorite Arcanna Strains:

  1. Pineapple Cheesecake
  2. Lion Claw
  3. True Ryder
  4. True Berrymore
  5. Jedi Nights OG

All of the Arcanna products have impressed me this last year. I can tell that a lot of love has gone into the cultivating, harvesting, curing and packaging of the herb. And if you can find their jars of herb for $18 – you are having a blessed day… by all means snap up a few jars!

Until later, best of health.

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