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The Review

CBD Sunday- 2021 | Episode #13 | Cheef Botanicals | Gorilla Glue

I love Gorilla Glue – the cannabis strain. These days it’s often just called GG4 because the company that makes the super-strong adhesive called Gorilla Glue® doesn’t like their name associated with marijuana. This strain was originally called Gorilla Glue because of it’s very sticky quality, both the buds themselves, and the high’s ability to stick a person to the sofa.

We got this week’s jar from Cheef Botanicals when they had a sale a few weeks back – 30% off! We snapped up several jars of herb to review in the month ahead… and then this week, while I was taking a peek at the jar, trying to guess how many nugs were inside, I received a comment on YouTube – in that very same moment. A viewer named Will was requesting that I review Gorilla Glue by Cheef Botanicals. I love coincidences like that, so I immediately decided we’d review this strain this week. And here we are…

Gorilla Glue – the THC version – is a cross of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel, and this hemp version has a hemp cross to bring down the THC to legal limits while increasing the CBD to 18.277%! That a nice size CBD engine on a hemp flower!

The Look and Smell

Cheef Botanicals makes a nice presentation with their earthy colors, good graphic design and opaque jars.

As I opened the freshness seal on top the aroma of earthy diesel jumped out at me. Did I smell that correctly, I wondered happily? I love diesel smelling herbs!

I took a second smell of the jar and this time I smelled citrus, strongly. Hmmm… I was confused, but both aromas were pleasant. I took another smell and came away with the citrus again, and I noticed the heavy earthy smell lingering beneath the fruity notes I was now detecting. The diesel aromas kept showing up and disappearing on me, so I called it an elusive diesel smell. A very interesting aroma, all-in-all.

I poured the nugs out on the tray and was happy to see about four medium size buds and several smalls. The herb weighed in at 4.32 grams… very generous on top of Cheef’s already generous four gram eighths! The nugs were a medium sage green, with orange hues and had deep, dark streaks of color from inside.

The fragrant nugs were covered with trichomes and once I cut up the biggest nug I got hit with that elusive diesel aroma again.

The cure was just perfect. The nug cut up into a very sticky pile that caused my fingers to get covered with the gummy, aromatic oils. On the sticky scale this one was definitely leaning towards heavily “gluey” – the Gorilla Glue level. The herb was living up to it’s name…

The Taste and Feel

The flavor of the first hit was strong on the citrus taste. There was an earthy quality and a fruity quality, but the overall experience was like a light orange drink mixed with fruit juice. It was one of the sweetest and most delicious hemp flowers I’ve tried yet. I, of course, immediately took a second rip, and a third, and a fourth, and a… well, I lost track just savoring the delicious flavor. Then the effects crept in – oh my!

The effects were like an elevator going down to the mellow level. This one has heavy mellowing agents, and before I realized it I found myself operating at a whole different speed. It took a few minutes to become cognizant of the fact that I was now moving at the speed of time, as I like to call it.

Physically the herb gave me a heightened sense of all my nerves, it was like every part of my body became aware of it’s existence. That quickly gave way to a nice, medium level of body comfort. By this time my eyes were lidded and I was visibly stoned. And I felt as CBD stoned as I looked.

As I wrapped up the video review I took a last hit… was that number six or seven (?), I don’t know, but the level of stoned went up a whole notch and it rocked me back in my seat for a moment. The ceiling on this herb is high and the stone can get very deep.

The Wrap Up

I did end up on the sofa from this herb, deep in contemplation, or zoned out, whichever you prefer. I took a few hits of a great uplifting THC herb a couple hours after this Gorilla Glue adventure began and it just made me feel heavily stoned again, like I had taken more hits of this Gorilla Glue, and before I knew it I was in bed for a nap.

While this strain is a balanced hybrid, it has strong Indica effects on the back end. The initial effects were more Sativa leaning and I was happily dancing around our cabin before the couch-lock effects took over. So this is definitely a hemp strain that will take you to stoned land. Go slow and dose low if you want a mild experience because the effects don’t hit until you’ve had a chance to take too many hits – I mean, it tastes that good I wanted to keep hitting it! But then it’s too late to go back.

This is one I’ll be definitely buying again. I’ll be saving this for the end of the evening when I want to blissfully slip into the sleep zone, easily and quickly. Just one of the many benefits quality herb can provide – a tasty ride to blissed-out sleep land!

Until later, best of health.

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