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The Review

New Review Wednesday- 2021 | Episode #8 | Coastal Sun Farm | Fatso

Before we get into this review, I’ll tell you straight up, this one is for the diesel lovers – the ones who love the delightfully stinky, gassy, fuel-soaked aromas. If that’s you, then skip this review, go straight to your local dispensary that sells Coastal Sun Farm herb and tell them to give you a jar of Fatso – you will be in heaven!

For those of you that aren’t out the door already, let me tell you about one of the best herbs I’ve ever smoked. This one checked off all the right boxes for me, because I am a lover of the gassy, diesely herbs. Those aromas are at the top of my list of things I hope for when I open a fresh jar of a new strain.

I picked up this jar of Fatso from Desert’s Finest in Desert Hot Springs here in Southern California. Desert’s Finest always carries the freshest drops from Coastal Sun Farm, so I keep going back for more. It’s rather hard to believe that this top shelf herb only costs $38 for an eighth, and that’s with all taxes included!

The Look, Smell and Taste

The jar was packed with dense, chunky nugs, from mediums to smalls and weighed in at 3.52 grams. The herb was light to medium green and covered with a dense field of trichomes making the herb sticky if handled too roughly… I felt like I was handling fine jewels as I weighed out the nugs.

Fatso is the offspring of GMO Cookies and Legend OG. The shape of the nugs reminded me of the look of GMO Cookies – very chunky bits that grow into uniquely-shaped nugs.

The cure was just right, and the scissors sliced through the nugs just as you would expect from well-cured, dense, chunky, sticky herb.

I got so distracted while cutting up the nugs because the aroma was huge and it got loud. An atmosphere of rich, deep, pungent, fuel-soaked, sulfuric yumminess surrounded me… oh my! All I wanted at this point was to load the herb up in the bong and take a rip!

It surprised me how sweet the first taste was, the leading edge of the flavor, which was quickly followed up with sour undertones and then a rush of the diesel flavor. Rich in sulfuric notes, and hints of earthiness, the flavor was like savoring a fine meal prepared to perfection.

The smoke was thick, and on the heavy side. As you can see from the video review, this one made me cough on nearly every hit because I kept trying to take too big a hit… it was so delicious tasting I wanted to saturate myself with the flavor! Meanwhile, as I was savoring the flavor the effects were coming in like a soft breeze.

The Effects

There was something very sensual about the way this herb presented itself. The effects came in and seemed to swirl around my body like silk, very comfortable, yet high class. There was no jolt to the high, just a gently ramping up of effects that took about ten minutes to fully engulf me. And when the high saturated me, I was in a comfortable, relaxed, mentally stimulated place!

This particular version of Fatso came in at 28% THC, and it felt like the gentle high from taking just a few of hits was just a hint of the power behind this herb. But even after a good, solid sesh – where I really let this one go full throttle, the stony high was still delightfully pleasant and under control. It was a great ride with no unpleasant surprises… though I would have stayed away from brightly lit places like grocery stores. 😉

The feel of the high, over all, was like slipping into a well-tailored suit with a silk lining. You feel like a million bucks – like a boss – stylin’… floating in a bit of heaven and ready for action!

The high lasted over an hour, settling into a blissful kind of comfort for the whole ride. The end faded out at some point, but I had gotten involved in a project and didn’t notice until several hours later.

The Wrap Up

I fall in love with cannabis over and over again. New strains come along, or like in this case, a version from a grower I really respect and appreciate, and I’m convinced that this is my new favorite, my new go to… well, this one did that to me again. I’m in love with Fatso from Coastal Sun Farm!

There is much to love about the state of herb these days, and Fatso is a testament to fine times we live in, cannabis-wise. Breeders have the time and freedom to put together such a fine strain as Fatso, and farms can grow it legally under the golden California sunshine. Legalization will soon be upon us, I have my fingers crossed on that one, and the changes we’ve seen since 2018 here in California with spread nationwide.

As I say to myself when I walk into a dispensary like Desert’s Finest, it’s a good time to be a herb smoker!

Until later, best of health.


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