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The Review

New Review Wednesday – 2021 | Episode #25 | Coastal Sun Farm | Iced Lemonaid

Iced Lemonade is a Sativa strain that was bred by Annunaki Genetics by crossing Pink Lemonaid #2 with Huckleberry Soda. The jar we looked at came from Coastal Sun Farm, where this herb was grown organically under the California sun with regenerative farming techniques. Those that have read my reviews of Coastal Sun Farm’s herb in the past know that I think very highly of this brand – and the people behind it. They have grown some of the best herb I’ve smoked over the last year, and continue to impress. I was certainly excited to try this strain when they put it in my hands a week ago.

[Disclaimer: This herb was provided by Coastal Sun Farm in exchange for an honest review]

I picked up this jar at Desert’s Finest in Desert Hot Springs where it is priced at a reasonable $38, and that’s with tax included!

Look and Smell

When I opened the jar I caught a whiff of something sweet – but my first smelling of the jar gave me the impression of a distinct tea smell with lemon in the background. Tea has an interesting aroma signature, with heavy amounts of Mrycene and Limonene, with a sprinkling of Beta-Caryophyllene – that’s the peppery, spicy background. I’m not a tea drinker, so that’s my generic description of the smell of the tea that this herb reminded me of right off the bat.

The more I smelled the herb the more I detected a sweet berry aroma, and when I cut into the first small well-cured nug, the sweet aroma became room-filling. The jar was filled with a healthy 3.60 grams of small dark green and purple nugs – the dense little buds were like little solid pebbles and had the shape of small popcorn pieces… they were almost too small to call nugs and were more like nugglets.

Taste and Effects

The pieces of herb were pretty sticky when I’d cut them up to load in my bong. The first hit was so smooth and the flavor I tasted was this earthy, spicy flavor… a bit tea-like but I couldn’t place it at first. Then it hit me, this herb tastes like an iced tea, especially the aftertaste… I’m not a regular iced tea drinker, but I recognized the flavor and I couldn’t untaste it after that. After a few hits Tania remarked to me that the smoke in the air didn’t smell like regular pot, but smelled more like a tea bag.

Within a few moments, and after a few hits from the bong I felt the Sativa effects of this one start to move through my body. I quickly felt uplifted with a mind-clearing wave of mental energy. My eyes felt opened, like I could see better, like my eyes were brightened. My body had an invigorating burst of energy, not too powerful, but a definite increase – very active and mentally stimulating.

This one got me talkative off camera while we were filming the review… everything seemed so interesting to talk about as my mind moved into a free-association mode. But at the same time my mind was very focused. I didn’t have any problem organizing my thoughts as I jotted down notes in my Sesh Journal. I guessed that this would be a good herb for writing and that has turned out to be true! It made my brain brain feel like it was firing on all it’s cylinders.

After a took a handful of bong tokes I got up from the Red Bench and walked around. Floaty would be the best word to describe the feeling. I suddenly felt the high in my body, in my legs – and while they seemed to be walking correctly, I felt like there was several inches of air between my soles and the floor.

When I returned to the Red Bench to continue filming the video review we came to the profound realization that this whole experience could be summed up in one word – positive.

The Wrap Up

I’ve had a few more seshes with Iced Lemonade since filming the video review. I’ve been going slow with this eighth – I keep wanting to hang on to the herb like it’s a precious commodity. The effects were so positive I want to put it away for that special day.

After several seshes I realized that I actually preferred smoking this one from the pipe. The flavor seemed richer and earthier without reminding me constantly of tea. For some reason it tastes more like tea from the bong – and I mean, every time.

I would definitely put this one high on my Sativa list, almost up there with a high quality Sour Diesel or a Jack Herer – uplifting, social, mentally stimulating… it checks off so many boxes on my list of what I look for in a Sativa high.

Until later, best of health.

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