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The Review

New Review Wednesday- 2021 | Episode #22 | Coastal Sun Farm | Sour Strawberry

Sour Strawberry is a rather rare hybrid strain, or it was until Coastal Sun Farm came out with their version of the strain this last year. Now available around California, this herb has a big engine at 31% THC! This strain is a cross of Strawberry Kush (Sour Bubble X East Coast Sour Diesel X Strawberry Cough) and Razzberry. Even though I’ve smoked hundreds of strains over the years, this is my first time trying this one. I’ve been curious about it for months since I first saw photos of it posted by Coastal Sun Farm on Instagram…

[Disclaimer: This herb was provided by Coastal Sun Farm in exchange for an honest review]

Healthy Plants Heal Humans®

Coastal Sun is a cannabis farm in the Santa Cruz area that practices regenerative and bioponic farming techniques, and they are passionate about growing great herb. They are certified EnvirOganic and have achieved the highest level of certification! They believe that healthy plants heal humans – so-much-so that it’s their slogan.

I’ve already reviewed a handful of Coastal Sun’s herbs over the last year and I’ve always been impressed by what I found in the jar. Not only do I review their product, but I buy jars of their herb for my own personal use on a regular basis. Consequentially, when they provided a jar of Sour Strawberry to be reviewed, I jumped at the chance, because this one was already on my “to-do” list.

The Look and Smell

The herb from Coastal Sun Farm comes in nice compact jars, sealed with an induction seal on the top of the jar that does a pretty good job of keeping the herb fresh.

This jar was packaged on February 24, 2021 and opening it at the very end of May the herb was still fresh, and displaying the high-quality cure that Coastal Sun always does with their herb. One thing that really surprised me was the eighth weighed in at only 3.30 grams!

The bright-green, trichome covered herb was a collection of several mediums and a few smalls.

The slightly fluffy nugs had a dense core, and a strong musty scent to them… both sweet and sour at the same time with the powerful aroma of overripe fruit or berries.

The smell reminded both me and Tania of the smell of an attic. Tania said that the smell had all kinds of cozy associations from her Grandmother’s house in Minneapolis.

The Taste and Effects

The taste of the herb was both sweet with an overripe fruit flavor that was reminiscent of strawberries or mangoes, and sour with a musty flavor – just like the smell. This was mixed with an earthy quality that made the whole flavor really tasty and unique – pleasant in that marijuana kind of way.

This one was a cougher… the quality of the smoke was smooth going in, but made me cough on every single hit while doing the video review. I got all heated up and my ears got plugged. That only lasted a short bit, but happened enough that I should mention it. The coughing made getting high a bit of an adventure, a bit like the effort it takes to climb a hill, but once you get to the top, the view is fantastic… and that’s how it was with this one! Once the high kicked in I enjoyed it in an introspective kind of way.

The high was a very cozy buzz, like sitting in the middle of a pile of cushions – centered, comfortable and contemplative. But it was a very powerful physical high – intense, and almost hash-like in it’s strength… and I noticed it mostly in my chest. Mentally it had a fuzzy quality to it that made me think of an Indica high… like my brain was wrapped in a thick sweater.

The more the high settled in the more introspective I became. When it was time for me to give my impressions of the high for the video review I found speaking to be a real effort. I wanted to just sit blissfully and enjoy the fuzzy thinking on my mountain of cushions.

I would consider this to be a great herb for a personal sesh when I know I’m not going to have to socialize for awhile. The high lasted over an hour and was a comfortable, no-surprise ride the whole time.

The Wrap Up

Some people (like my wife, Tania) absolutely do not like herbs that have strong physical sensations and this is not the herb for them. But on the other hand, some people love the powerful physical ride, or like me, have medical issues that are helped by an herb that provides strong body comfort, and this one nailed it – after I finished coughing after each hit, that is… I found I could avoid the crazy coughing problem by using my hand pipe and taking smaller hits.

31% THC is not to be taken lightly on this one. I had several times where I sat down to have a sesh, and one hit was enough to send my mind into fuzzy, comfortable cushion land… I ended up leaving the Red Bench before the bowl was even close to finished. That doesn’t happen very often, let me tell you – that’s intense herb!

Until later, best of health.

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November 10, 2021 7:36 pm

This was a great video! 31% THC, I can’t imagine! I can only mix a bit of regular flower with high CBD hemp flower otherwise it’s just too much for me. I really enjoy your content and would love to someday have a sesh with you. Thanks for the great insight Jon! Gotta say, I agree with you on certain herb being there for personal use. It’s important to have alone time where you get to enjoy everything that is you.

Last edited 10 months ago by John