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THC Bomb; our original signature strain, has created rave reviews around the world. This unique mixture of giant, rock-hard buds with explosive THC levels make it one for commercial growers and connoisseurs alike. Like Big Bomb, the harvest will be massive coupled with the power and strength of white strains. THC Bomb has very high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder. Outdoors THC Bomb can produce well over 1kg per plant. When ready to harvest the plant will literally be covered in frosty white trichromes. THC Bomb was developed to be something special delivering on every level: yield, strength, taste and speed! – Bomb Seeds




[Based on the transcript of the video, edited for clarity]

Welcome back to the red bench, it’s time for another Red Bench Review…

I’m so glad you could join us this week because we’re looking at a strain that is brand new to me. This is one that I just picked up last week at a dispensary down in Desert Hot Springs [Desert’s Finest] and I’ve been excited to try it ever since. This one is called THC Bomb and it comes to us from Coastal Sun Farm up in Northern California. They are an organic farm growing “healthy plants that heal humans”. This jar contains a Sativa that has 28% THC – that sounds to me like a THC Bomb, so let’s get into this jar and do some close-ups!

Alright, let’s look at this jar with the THC Bomb in it… it’s got a little label on the back here telling us how much THC we’ve got in there… on the top it tells us it’s going to be a lemon-diesel and wood grain flavor – really excited to find out what that smells like, so let’s unseal this jar and get inside.

Alright, let’s see what we’ve got in here… oh nice, a flavor seal means they care! Nice big nugs in there, let’s dump this out and take a look inside… oh they’re so sticky they don’t even want to leave the jar!

Those nugs have a nice solid, very dense quality… it feels like a good cure in there. The lemon smell, the lemon-diesel smell, is just popping up from the herb. Let’s weigh these out, and take some close-ups of these nugs and we’ll be back in just a minute.

Look at these nugs… as you can see from the close-up those are some really nice looking nugs here. We’re going to take this one and cut it up and get ready to put it in the bong. Let’s get a feel for this… oh, that just cuts up really nice. Really slices up wonderfully. That is well-cured marijuana right there, all right! What is this gonna smoke like? I want to find out – so let’s put this in the bong and fire it up!

Oh my, I’ve been waiting for this moment for days… okay, here we go.

[Jon takes a bong rip]

Lemon, Diesel… a bit woody… just a little bit woody… just as advertised. They nailed those flavors exactly. I’m not feeling anything yet from that first hit, so let’s jump into a second hit and see how it does.

[Jon takes a second bong rip]

Love that flavor… nice, smooth… a nice thick smooth hit. The diesel is coming in very strong on that second hit… very nice. You know what we’re gonna do? We’re take a couple more bong rips off camera and sit on this for about ten minutes. We’ll be right back, and we’ll give you our notes on how this… oh my, I’ll tell you right now – before we even get away for ten minutes, that this is going straight to my head! Oh my gosh, this has got an immediate effect that’s coming in strong… we’ll be back in ten minutes, and we’ll give you a rundown on where I am then.

[ten minutes later]

Wow – that one came straight in with an uplift. It was like a shot of espresso… my body is still pulsating with energy from those hits. My eyes were immediately cleared after smoking it… I was kind of a little bit of fuzzy before and it sharpened my brain. This is a Sativa – a serious Sativa… straight up.

This is very active herb. You know what I’m gonna do as soon as we’re done filming this video? I’m gonna get straight into editing. Usually I let it sit for a little bit and then come back to it later on in the day or the next day – but not today! I’ll probably take another hit of this herb and get straight into editing because my brain is buzzing like a beehive right now.

There was lemon and diesel flavors in there… I didn’t understand what they were saying about wood grain before I tried this, but I do now. There is a little woodiness that is under there, a little bit of a lumber yard flavor (meaning there is a bit of a fresh-cut lumber smell) which is very interesting… I’ve never mixed lemon, diesel and a little bit of woody together… so that was a really nice flavor.

The smoke was very smooth, very thick, totally enjoyed that. I’m more of an Indica guy, so I’m gonna probably make a blend of this with a nice Indica that I’ve got… I’m gonna mix them up and try that out.

I totally recommend this one if you’re a Sativa person… they nailed it… a strong, energetic, Sativa buzz.

We’re going to take one last bong rip… not that I need it. I only took three hits and this herb got me going as you can tell… I’m very talkative… I feel like I’ve had a cup of coffee and a shot of espresso to follow!

[Jon takes another bong rip]

Look at that beautiful, thick smoke… just the way we like it!

Thank you for joining us this week for this review… we give a recommendation that if you are a Sativa person, check out THC Bomb from Coastal Sun Farm. You can look them up online and it is available all across California.

Thanks for joining us… if this has been a helpful or informative review, we ask that you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and until next week, best of health.


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The Follow Up

Coastal Sun Farm sent me a message when I asked about the genetics. Apparently the genetics are a bit of a secret, but this strain is an Indica/Sativa hybrid. The seeds came from Bomb Seeds in the Netherlands. I would say this cultivar from Coastal Sun definitely leans towards the Sativa side. We’ll officially classify this one here at the red bench as a Sativa-dominate hybrid.

As I noted in the review – the highs were energetic and uplifting, almost too powerful when I took a few quick rips in a row. I learned to go slow with this one and let the effects hit before overdoing it. After about fifteen minutes the high settled into a wonderful groove, a creative and active grooviness.

I had a handful of seshes that were just straight THC Bomb to really feel the power of the herb, but because I’m more of an Indica person, I tried a couple seshes where I blended the THC Bomb with some strongly Indica-leaning Skywalker OG. The flavors were very complimentary and the high got even better for me as the Indica added a nice lower-end body high, lots of body comfort. Like adding some extra bass to a musical mix.

Now for the all-important question – would I buy this again? I would definitely buy this again in a two-thumbs up fashion! Even as an Indica lover, I appreciate that Sativa kick too. I really enjoyed my time spent hanging out with the THC Bomb running around my brain 🙂

As a final note – the power of the Sativa side of the herb seemed to fade as I progressed through the eighth. My last couple seshes with this herb were a balanced ride, still very active but more contemplative.

Thank you Bomb Seeds for creating this strain and thank you Coastal Sun Farm for doing such a great job of bringing this cannabis goodness to the people!

The Lowdown

StrainTHC Bomb
TypeHybrid – Sativa Dom.
GeneticsUnknown – Seeds from Bomb Seeds
BrandCoastal Sun Farm
Location PurchasedDesert’s Finest – Desert Hot Springs, CA
THC Level28%
Purchase Weight3.5 grams – 1/8 oz
Actual Weight3.53 grams
Look & Feel
PackagingGlass Jar
ColorBright Green
FreshnessWell Cured
TouchLight Sticky
StructureSolid, Dense
Look & Feel Rating4
Look & Feel ImpressionsVery impressive, well-cured nugs.
Base SmellSour
Secondary SmellsDiesel, Lemon
Secondary Smells – OtherWood or lumber
Strength – SmellMellow
Smell Rating3.75
Flavor – OtherLemon, diesel and a hint of wood or lumber
Smoke TextureSmooth, Thick
Strength – TasteMellow
Taste Rating4
Taste ImpressionsA delightful smoke, the flavors don’t overwhelm the senses and the smoke is nice and thick.
How Much Injested?4 hits (1/4 gram)
Speed of OnsetImmediate
Where Do You Feel It?Eyes
Main EffectsCerebral, Physical, Creative, Contemplative
Strength – EffectsStrong
DurationOver an Hour
Effects Rating4.25
Effects ImmpressionImmediate effects that provided an uplift like a shot of espresso. Cleared my eyes and brain and left me pulsating with energy.
Pros1. Generous eighth – weighed more than an eighth.
2. Well-priced.
Total Rating3.95
Total Rating – Why?A very good strain done exceptionally well.
Would I buy this again?Yes
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