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Tropical Punch is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the delicious Skunk X Haze X Northern Lights strains. Ready for a sweet punch of delicious tropical flavors? Tropical Punch will definitely bring that on, filling your mouth with delicious tropical pineapple and sour citrus with each and every toke. – read more at AllBud



[Based on the transcript of video, edited for clarity]

Welcome back to the red bench, it’s time for another Red Bench Review…

During this sesh we’re going to be looking at a strain from Coastal Sun, from up in Northern California, called Tropical Punch, which sounds to me like a good strain for a summer afternoon. This strain comes in at 23% THC… it is a cross between some well-known strains like Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights. This brings a lot of heritage to it so we’re going to look forward to finding out what this tastes like. The information I have on this herb is that it should give me a good refreshing tropical fruit punch flavor, but what does that mean? Let’s find out! Let’s get into some close-ups and take a look…

Alright, let’s take a look at this jar that we got from Coastal Sun that holds our Tropical Punch in it. As you can see, it’s got a little label here on the side that tells us it’s 23% THC.

We’ve got our typical California warning label on the back. On the top it tells us that this is a berry flavor that is going to make us calm and sleepy… well let’s find out. You can see it’s got a little seal on the back so let’s open up the seal and get inside. It’s got a little flavor seal on the top. I always appreciate that… I like to think that they’re keeping my herb fresh for me. Let’s get into this and take a smell.

Okay, hold on, that’s tropical fruit punch, but let’s break this down… this is what’s standing out to me is just this tiny hint of jalapeno down under the flavor… it’s not the most predominant thing, but it keeps jumping out at me I feel like this little tart little sharp thing hits me. [Jon puzzles over the smell for a moment] I don’t have words to describe the smell right at this moment so we’re gonna we’re gonna come back to that…

Let’s dump this out on the tray and take a look at what they put in the jar.

Oh my, these are some very frosty nugs. [Jon, still puzzled by the smell, digresses] It really surprises me when I smell an herb and there isn’t a name I can put on the smell. This is something that I am working on, training my nose to smell even better. You gotta have a name that you can put on a smell to identify it. This smell comes in sweet and sour at the same time, with this pungent, tangy aroma, but there is nothing in my memory that says, “here you go Jon, this is what this smells like.” That is why I’m at a loss to describe the smell… but the nugs… we’re looking at light green buds with some oranges in them, a little bit of purples in them, they are very frosty with trichomes. I can’t wait to photograph these so we can see what a close-up of this looks like… we’re going to weigh this eighth out and we’ll be back in just a moment.

Our team [meaning Jon and Tania] put our noses together on this one and the best we could come up with is that this smells like a bit like an old box of incense and Bubble Yum – grape Bubble Yum most likely… so if you can put those smells together in your nose… but of course, because it’s marijuana, it smells wonderful. Now we’re going to take a look at this particular nug here… it looks so nice and purple… it’s covered with trichomes… nice purple flavors… it’s very dense, so let’s cut it open and see how the cure is… oh that just sliced through so nicely, look at that… well cured… we’re looking at well-cured nugs.

More of the grape Bubble Yum starts coming up there as you start cutting it apart, yeah, grape Bubble Yum… the incense starts to fall away as you cut it and the grape definitely rises to the surface. Let’s cut this all up because we want to get this in the bong and give a rip of this… really find out what it’s like.

By the way, we’re going to do a little smell test right now while we have it all cut up. This is a little something I learned this week. We’re going to see where I smell this in my nose… I’m smelling this right here in my nose…

…matter of fact, a little up here, and this tells me that this is a hybrid, more of a Sativa-dominate hybrid. If it’s an Indica you’re going to smell it lower in your nose, if it’s a sativa you’re going to smell it right up here, and if it’s a hybrid you’re going to smell it through the length of your nose depending on if it’s a Sativa or an Indica – higher and lower in your nose, depending. Why don’t you give that a try at home? Check that out with your own herb and see if that bears out. Anyways we’re going to put this now in the bong and we’re going to give it a rip. Alright, my favorite part… this is when we get to really enjoy it.

[Jon takes a bong rip]

That is very purple. Do you like a purple flavored herb? This one is very purple… what a nice aftertaste in my mouth. Let’s take a second rip and feel the flavor once more, because I just want to taste that again. Those trichomes just went up in flames and turned into delicious purpleness and I want to experience that happening all over again.

[Jon takes a second bong rip]

Right here…

…my head is just starting to feel it… this went straight to my head just like a Sativa. I don’t even feel it in my eyes, don’t even feel it in my body right now… just a delightful head high. I have a feeling this is going to progress, so we’ll be back in 10 minutes and we’ll tell you how this turns out.

[ten minutes later, condition: high]

This is a delightful herb. If you’re looking for something a little more mellow, something that’s not going to knock you off your feet, this is a really good herb. I took about four hits and I was talking off camera and I said I’m calling this “Easy Rider” because this is just a really nice cruise. I feel it in my head, it’s mainly a head herb… very little in my body. I feel it has mellowed me down. I feel like I’m slowed down a little bit. If I was in a more of a high anxiety kind of mode this might have taken me down a little bit… I think that’s the Indica doing that. At the same time I’m having very contemplative thoughts, this is one that you could definitely chill and just do some thinking… I think that’s the Sativa end of it. If you’re looking for something that just is a very chill herb, this might be the one that you’re looking for.

[Jon lights the hemp wick and pauses…]

I love purple herb… it’s just really wonderful. Granddaddy Purple, back 10 to 12 years ago, was my total jam… that’s what I used every time I could get it… the purpleness in this… I must say, very impressive…

[Jon takes a third bong rip]

That is some smooth herb, I must say. Look at that… big hits. No cough. Good, smooth herb.

I just want to thank you guys for joining us here at the red bench. It really makes our day! If you like this video, if it’s been helpful to you at all, we just ask that you subscribe, and we will be making more videos for you. Until next time, best of health.



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The Follow Up

I really enjoyed this eighth! It made me feel content, lifted, and elevated with a really clean head high. After about a half hour to forty-five minutes the head part of the high started to fade but for the next several hours my body felt a very relaxing body high. Not stony at all, at least for me, but a really delightful morning smoke. I can say from experience that this herb pairs well with coffee for a wonderful elevated morning sesh. Would I buy this again? Oh, yes 🙂

The Lowdown

StrainTropical Punch
TypeHybrid – Sativa dom.
GeneticsSkunk X Haze X Northern Lights
BrandCoastal Sun
Location PurchasedDesert’s Finest – Desert Hot Springs, CA
THC Level23%
Purchase Weight3.5 grams – 1/8 oz
Actual Weight3.49 grams
Look & Feel
PackagingGlass Jar
ColorLight Green, Purple, Orange
FreshnessWell Cured
TouchLight Sticky
Look & Feel Rating3.75
Base SmellSweet, Sour
Secondary SmellsFruity
Secondary Smells – OtherSour, Fruity, Old incense box crossed with grape Bubble Yum
Strength – SmellMellow
Smell Rating3.5
Flavor – OtherSweet, grape Bubble Yum
Smoke TextureSmooth, Thick, Heavy
Strength – TasteMellow
Taste Rating4
How Much Ingested?4 hits (1/4 gram)
Speed of OnsetImmediate
Where Do You Feel It?Head
Main EffectsCerebral, Relaxing, Contemplative
Strength – EffectsMellow
DurationOver an Hour
Effects Rating4
Effects ImpressionVery nice head high for about 30-45 minutes that settles down into a very pleasant body high that lasted several hours.
Pros1. Good high that doesn’t kick your butt
Cons1. That eighth went quickly…
Total Rating3.8
Total Rating – Why?Good herb, nice presentation, perfect for daytime smoking or for the less-seasoned smoker.
Would I buy this again?Yes
Rating ScaleSCALE – 1 (Poor) 2 (Average) 3 (Very Good) 4 (Exceptional) 5 (Holy Grail)


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