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Clear your schedule because Pure Kush is one potent indica. A longtime favorite for pain relief, this strain will leave you feeling heavily sedated. Pure Kush’s strength begins with a signature kush aroma that is extremely pungent and skunky. Its head-heavy sensations may be complemented by a relaxing body feeling, giving Pure Kush its reputation as a powerful medical strain. – Leafly




[Based on the transcript of video, edited for clarity]

Welcome back to the red bench, it’s time for another Red Bench Review…

During this sesh we’re going to be looking at a strain called Pure Kush. I like to call it the Legendary Pure Kush because I’ve had this strain a few times and loved it each and every time, but right now that’s a distant memory… it’s something I remember from eight or nine years ago and I haven’t experienced it any time since then.

Legend has it that Pure Kush is a heavy, heavy strain… the kind that will knock you on your ass. Well this one from CRU Cannabis comes in at 25.20% THC and definitely has the potential to knock us on our ass. We’re gonna find out as we get into this strain… let’s do some close-ups and take a look at what we’ve got inside the box.

I’ve been very excited to check out this strain since I picked it up earlier this week down at Desert’s Finest in Desert Hot Springs. For days I’ve been looking at this just sitting there on the counter and I’ve wanted to get into it, but I had to wait for the review… so now let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

As you can see it says Pure Kush – Indica-dominant on the front… on the back it gives you a little bit of information – it tells you it’s a bit more of a relaxed strain. At the top here it tells you the THC content and the fact that there is zero CBD in this one… it is all THC.

Alright, let’s open this box up. There’s a flavor-seal package inside. How do you… [Jon struggles to open package] I need scissors… I need scissors! Okay, we got some scissors, now to cut this open. Just one little side note – these are not my favorite kinds of packages for keeping pot in. I like glass jars… I don’t like these little plastic deely-boppers… this is the last time that herb is gonna be in this plastic package – it’s going straight into a glass jar after this.

Oh, I just got hit with a wonderful OG Kush smell… oh my gosh, a little spicy, peppery flavor in there… that is really delicious. Mmm, that is coming in very strong with the peppery smell. I really like that a lot, and the OG is under there… I bet you when we cut this open it’s just going to puff up with Kush smells! Well, let’s go weigh this out and take some close-up photos… we’ll be back in just a second.

When I cut that bag open the smell of OG, citrus, spice, and pepper just filled the whole cabin. It’s like we’re in a cloud of it right now… this is some of the strongest smelling pot I’ve smelled in a long time. Let me just say offhand that if you’re trying to hide this from somebody, you’re not going to be able to… everyone’s going to know that you’re smoking pot. If you’re smoking a joint outside that wind is going to carry this smell and everyone around you is going to know that you’re smoking some herb. So, just a word to the wise, this is some pungent herb.

We’re going to cut this nug open here and we’re going to take a look at the inside and see how the cure is on this one. Oh, that cuts really nice… that’s like cutting through cheese… like a Gouda cheese or something like a Monterey Jack… something like that. Oh my gosh, the smell just keeps increasing as you cut it… these are dense… very dense nugs. This is some really finely cured herb… it is not dry at all. It has that kind of thing where it drops to the tray as you cut it and it just kind of moves a little bit… I love that… it makes me go, “oh, this is really fresh”. Now we’re going to put some of this in the bong. I’m going to take a rip, and get down to the heart of this issue.

I’ve got some sticky fingers from cutting up that herb, that is just really so fresh and so wonderful… I cannot wait to get into smoking it. As a long-time, well-seasoned smoker, this is the kind of herb that excites me… when I come across an herb like this that has great presence, it cuts up really nicely, the smell just fills the room… this kind of thing gets me really excited… so let’s taste this now.

[Jon takes a bong rip]

That goes straight to the head… straight to the head with an orange punch. A very citrus flavor, a bit earthy, it has a little OG aftertaste. If you’re familiar with the OG taste you know what I mean… I don’t need to describe it to you, you know what that tastes like.

Oh my gosh, this is just coming in like a cloud, like a cloud wall that’s just moving into my head… let’s take a second rip of this and let that cloud wall move fully in… let’s see what’s going on behind the cloud wall.

[Jon takes a second bong rip]

Now my whole body is going boom, boom, boom, boom, boom… it’s like the THC is just processing through my body and it’s coming on really strong. Oh my gosh, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to sit on this for about 10 minutes and I’m going to get my bearings… I’m going to write down some notes and we’ll be back.

[ten minutes later]

My body is loving this high and my mind it’s just along for the ride. I’m way stoned… I took a couple hits there off-screen, and boy that just set me back in my… you know what.

This high came in like a cloud, as I described earlier, then it just filled my whole body and now I just want to relax… this is not a social herb, in my opinion. This is the kind of herb that makes you want to sit and do some thinking… you want to have some “me” time… okay, let’s turn off my cell phone and let’s just put on some music and chill out.

If I had a long commute home (I used to do that)… if I came home after a long drive all I would want to do is take a couple hits of this herb, maybe pop a beer, put on some chill music and just forget that the world out there exists, because this one’s going to take care of that.

I’m going to just relax now and enjoy this ride, because it is it feels so good on the body. I just love the feel of this high… it pushes all the right buttons in my body…

[Jon spaces out]

Oh my goodness… wow, anyways… um, I forgot what I was gonna say…

I don’t know if I need a last bong toke, but you know what, I’m going to take one anyways 🙂 Just because it’s that good, and we’ll see if I can remember what I’m supposed to say at the end of this video. Let’s fire this up one one more time… just one to grow on, as they say.

[Jon takes another bong toke]

Oh that hit – so smooth – has a little tingle effect in the back of the throat… unexpected. But that’s been there with every hit that I’ve taken so far. I’ve taken about three or four hits total… or five, I’ve lost track. Every hit has had that little interesting tingle… it’s not a burn, it’s a tingly feeling… very interesting. It seems like a signature kind of feeling on this herb.

So that’s it for this review. I thank you so much for joining us here at the red bench. We’re going to… um, hold it… what was I saying…

[Jon spaces out again]

Thank you for joining us at the red bench! We’re so happy to see your hits on our YouTube page. If you like these reviews that we’re doing, we ask that you subscribe to our channel… that really makes our day!

Until next week, best of health.



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The Follow Up

Pure Kush is pure heaven! I loved this one all the way through to the last crumb. I tried to go slow smoking this eighth but it was very hard when each hit was so exquisite in taste, smell and feel. Such smooth bong tokes full of a citrus goodness. A strong, powerful strain even as my body got used to it. Just a few hits would send my mind off and bring a relaxing comfort to my body. A definite winner!

Would I buy this again? In a hot second! Love, love, love this strain! And I love what CRU has done with it…


The Low Down

StrainPure Kush
Geneticsa branch of the OG Kush family
BrandCRU Cannabis
Location PurchasedDesert’s Finest – Desert Hot Springs, CA
THC Level25.20%
Purchase Weight3.5 grams – 1/8 oz
Actual Weight3.53 grams
Look & Feel
PackagingFlavor Seal Bag
ColorDark Green, Purple, Orange
FreshnessWell Cured
TouchMedium Sticky
Look & Feel Rating3.5
Look & Feel ImpressionsThe nugs look great. Not a fan of the packaging.
Base SmellSour, Spicy
Secondary SmellsPine, Citrus, Pepper
Secondary Smells – OtherEarthy
Strength – SmellPowerful
Smell Rating4.5
Smell ImpressionThe smell completely filled our cabin. Huge smell.
Flavor – OtherCitrus, Pine, Gassy
Smoke TextureSmooth
Strength – TastePronounced
Taste Rating4
Taste ImpressionsThe smoke caused a tingling feeling on the back of the throat with every hit.
How Much Ingested?4-5 hits (over a 1/4 gram)
Speed of OnsetImmediate
Where Do You Feel It?Body
Main EffectsPhysical, Contemplative
Strength – EffectsStrong
DurationOver an hour
Effects Rating4.5
Effects ImpressionTotal chill herb. Starts strong and gets stronger. This is not a social herb…
Pros1. Weighed over 3.5 grams
2. Great indica feel
Cons1. Packaging
Total Rating4.15
Total Rating – Why?A winner! What I want in an herb – smell, taste and feel!
Would I buy this again?Yes

SCALE – 1 (Poor) 2 (Average) 3 (Very Good) 4 (Exceptional) 5 (Holy Grail)


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