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The Review

New Review Wednesday – 2022 | Episode #6 | Five Leaf Wellness | Frosted Diesel

I get excited when a surprise package from Five Leaf Wellness shows up at the post office, because it usually contains something really good. Recently I got a package that contained some Frosted Diesel, a strain I’ve never tried before. I love the name Frosted Diesel – it really gets my imagination going! This strain is a phenotype of Five Leaf Wellness’s Grape Diesel and is an indoor-grown Indica hybrid with 20.5% CBD, and less than 0.3% THC, making it legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

[Disclaimer: This product was provided by Five Leaf Wellness in exchange for an honest review]

Look and Smell

I like the little containers of herb that get sent to me from Five Leaf – the handwritten label reminds me of when I used to go to medical collectives in Long Beach, years ago.

I popped open the container and was immediately hit with a strong diesel, gassy aroma! There were fruity undertones and a hint of pine. Entirely delicious smelling!

The container contained 4.92 grams of herb and the nugs were a pleasure to photograph – very photogenic. Frosted with trichomes, the crystallized buds were thick and dense.

Cutting up the biggest nug was like cutting through a rice crispy treat. Sticky bits of well-cured herb fell to my tray as the aroma, which was already strong, got loud!

Herb like this needs to get into the bong immediately, in my opinion, so I quickly loaded up a bowl…

Taste and Effects

The first hit was pure yum. Lots of those flavors we call “diesel” and “gassy” – but there was a sweet, fruitiness that swirled through the smoke, teasing my taste buds. I took a second hit and the flavor was still there, but with an added earthiness. The whole bowl smoked down nicely – full of flavor to the last hit. But by this time the effects were already hitting me pretty solidly.

The cumulative effect was very much like a Indica THC high, but very clear-headed. So clear-headed that we’ll need to talk about that!

The first hit, the pure yum hit, heated me up, my whole body temperature felt like it shot up a few degrees. The effects hit quickly with a relaxing, chill vibe. I got what I call the marijuana fuzzies, that insulated feeling, like all your nerves have been coated with a thick fuzziness.

If I had to describe the feeling of the herb in one word it would be “pleasant”, in all the good connotations of that word.

Clear-headed. OMG – it was like someone came along and dusted the corners of my mind, washed the windows, removed all the trash and left my mind neat and tidy feeling! After we filmed the review last night that feeling of clearheadedness lasted for hours. This morning, after a few hits from my pipe I found it worked once again… cleaning up the sleepy mess in my head. Mark me impressed!

One last note on this herb – it is very thoughtful and contemplative. During filming the review I actually forgot that the camera was rolling for a moment as the herb sent my mind down a road of ideas… the perfect herb for a personal brainstorm session.

The Wrap Up

I’ve been reviewing hemp for over a year now and the quality in the industry is just getting better all the time. Five Leaf Wellness has taken things to the next level with their indoor-grown herb.

Everything I’ve tried from them has been top shelf. Not only does this strain look good, but it took me on a great clear-headed adventure that earned this one high marks all across the board!

Until later, best of health.

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