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New Review Wednesday – 2021 | Episode #26 | Five Leaf Wellness | Mendo X Royal Kush

I received a package at the post office a couple weeks ago, an unexpected box from Five Leaf Wellness in Tennessee. I’d done a review of Five Leaf’s Abacus Diesel about a month earlier, and I was surprised to find something at the post office when I picked up my mail.

I quickly opened the box when I got home, and inside was a plastic jar in a vacuum sealed bag that said Mendo X Royal Kush on the side.

Oh yeah… they said they were going to send me some Mendo when it came in back in stock. I remembered the photos I’d seen of this herb, and happily added it to our review schedule.

Last night this herb came up for review and I was blown away! Such a strong herb, but lets not get ahead of ourselves… let me tell you how the review unfolded.

Look and Smell

As I cut open the smell-proof bag that sealed the jar a deeply earthy aroma escaped from the bag. It’s a good thing they had this in a smell-proof bag because it was pungent with a room-filling smell. My nose caught that first whiff and my attention was captured. “That is dank,” I said. Deeply earthy, as I mentioned, with a purple aroma.

Purple. As I’ve mentioned in the past there is a distinct flavor and aroma that is purple herb. This one had it but not a bright version of that aroma, but like a dark purple.

The jar held just over a quarter of herb and that included six nice sized nugs – well-trimmed, well-cured, dense and covered with frosty trichomes. The hemp flowers were beautiful and photogenic.

The Kush look came through strongly on these nugs, and they had the compact quality one would expect from that kind of herb. I was in hemp heaven taking photos as the nugs gave off sweet dank aroma that got me excited to load this in the bong.

When I cut up one of the dark green nugs with hints of purple the aroma increased and started to come on strong with a lemony smell. The lemon quickly overtook the purple and the blend was delightful.

Taste and Feel

The first hit had a dank, earthy quality like the aroma followed by a lemony flavor. The exhale was very tart with more of the lemon flavor with a touch on mintiness. The aftertaste was a deep, rich flavor with an undertone of pine and a lemon flavor lying on top. When I took a second hit the lemon seemed more prevalent, but it was the deep, earthy quality of the hits that really won me over to this one.

I wondered for a couple minutes whether this was going to have any effects because it took a few moments for the effects to start rolling in. But once they started I was pleasantly on a Kush-like ride, the kind of marijuana body high I love most – eyes lidded, body fuzzy like it’s wrapped in a thick layer of cotton-candy, and super-relaxed.

I took about five or six hits and finished off the first bowl. I felt like this herb could take me a little farther, so I packed I second bowl and took a hit. I don’t know why, but that first hit off of a second bowl usually floors me, and this herb was no exception – it was a home run hit.

Wrap Up

When it comes to blurring the line between the relaxed body effects of hemp and the psychoactive effects of cannabis, this strain definitely had a stony quality that made me wonder where that line really was… this herb had 21% CBD – a high level, and at that strength the lines blur, for sure. This one had a great entourage effect with a combination of the CBD, a small amount of THC (<.3%), and abundant terpenes.

I gave this one a 4.75 rating – very high for me. The look of the herb was perfect. Kush heaven. The aroma was room filling, the flavor was a delight and the effects were top-shelf. Five Leaf Wellness informed me that this was one of their best-sellers, and I’m not surprised. I’ll be back for more!

Until later, best of health.

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