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The Review

New Review Wednesday – 2021 | Episode #30 | Five Leaf Wellness | OZ Kush

I was pleasantly surprised this last week when I went to the post office… there was an unexpected package from Five Leaf Wellness! I’ve learned this year that only good things come in packages from Five Leaf Wellness so I was rather excited to get back home and see what was inside.

Inside the package was a couple of plastic bottles sealed in a smell-proof bag. One of the bottles contained the sample we decided to look at this week – OZ Kush.

This is an indoor-grown Indica hybrid strain (70% Indica – 30% Sativa) that tested at 19.8% CBD! The sample said it had 2.58 grams inside, and that turned out to be one sweet-looking bud.

[Disclaimer: This herb was provided by Five Leaf Wellness in exchange for an honest review]

Look and Smell

Popping open the plastic bottle released a pungent, sweet aroma into the cabin. There was a lot of purple in the smell, and not just one type of purple. There was a sweet candy purple and a deep, earthy purple – there was a grape juice purple in there as well, along with a few other purples… wonderful purples!

The bud was beautiful – so photogenic! The hand-trimmed nug was light-green with an abundance of red hairs, covered in trichomes – frosty and a pleasure to photograph… and I should note, in the photo lightbox the aroma was loud.

The nug had only hints of purple in the colors – but wow, if I had my eyes closed I could imagine I was smelling an old-school Granddaddy Purple or Mendo Purps nug.

The well-cured nug cut-up like fresh pizza dough, and cutting up the bud released a sage-like aroma that reminded me of a Haze and made me wonder what the genetics of this bud were… I was unable to find any genetic information on the hemp version of OZ Kush online, but I discovered there are several different cannabis versions of this strain.

One cannabis version of this strain is made by crossing OG Kush and Zkittlez and has the same light-green look as this version. I also read that there is a version that came from crossing Kush (OG Kush?) and Silver Haze… hmmm, there’s that Haze. Oh, the mystery! I will try to get to the bottom of this, and I will update this post when I get the answers we seek.

The Taste and Effects

I was expecting a strong purple flavor when I took the first bong toke, and was completely surprised by an earthy, woody, campfire taste. There were hints of purple in the flavor, but that was it – just hints. As a note – I smoked this one from both my bong and my pipe and the flavor was consistent every time I smoked… roasted wood, earthy, hints of purple candy.

It didn’t take very long for the strong Indica effects to roll in. The first noticeable thing was the fuzzies – that wonderful feeling of having all your nerves insulated with inches of soft, fuzzy sensations. By the third or fourth hit I was in a seriously relaxed and chill mood. I was writing notes in my Sesh Journal while the effects hit me, and I must say, my manual dexterity definitively suffered from taking just these few rips… writing with a pen became a challenge.

After I finished the first bowl and started the second I found I was slipping into a contemplative, thoughtful mood. I was having a stream of thoughts pass through my mind – one thought following another, leading to other thoughts – and then I’d try and remember a thought, and that would lead to some other new thought – just loops upon soft fuzzy loops of thoughts with random thoughts careening in from out of the blue. I sat with my eyes closed during the break in filming, and for a bit I forgot we were filming a review because my mind had traveled so far away.

The high lasted for nearly an hour before slipping into a general sense of well-being, body comfort and chill relaxation. That’s when I re-upped with another bowl… you could say I was loving the OZ Kush at this point!

The Wrap Up

In my opinion this is a great evening strain. When the day is done, and it’s time to put the feet up – it’s time to light up some OZ Kush. This is a strong one, but even an occasional smoker could enjoy the chill, relaxing qualities this herb brings to the table if they start slow and dose low. The seasoned smoker is going to enjoy the strong Indica effects that can be felt after smoking a handful of hits – I know I did!

This is definitely a strain I am going to buy again. On the scale of 1 to 5 I’d give this a 4.75 on the effects – powerfully strong for a CBD strain! Over the last twenty-four hours since I first tried this one it’s been my favorite smoke. I’ve been trying to nurse it along so I can make it last… but it’s going way too fast! Thank goodness this is ordered online – I know I’ll be placing an order ASAP… before this one is gone!

Until later, best of health.

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