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New Review Wednesday – 2021 | Episode #28 | Flame Train CBD | Incredible Hulk

I don’t know about you, but the name Incredible Hulk on a hemp strain made me think this was going to be a monster with a powerful high – something that would transform me from a mild-mannered reviewer into a big, green, clothes-shredding beast. That is not what happened, in fact – this was one of the more subtle hemp strains I’ve tried… let me tell you about it.

[Disclaimer: This herb was provided by Flame Train CBD in exchange for an honest review]

Look and Smell

Incredible Hulk is a cross of Green Crack and Jack Herer – both strains I’ve enjoyed before. I’m guessing that the name Incredible Hulk comes from the size of the dense, compact khaki green nugs this strain produced. I poured out the very generous eighth that weighed in at 5.41 grams on the tray and basked in the strong, sweet berry aromas wafting up at me.

As I just mentioned, the aroma of berries, like a bowl of mixed berries that are very ripe, jumped up from the tray and mixed with a pungent earthiness. There was an undertone of pine mixed in there… and it all smelled so good I couldn’t wait to get this in the bong.

I cut up the first nug and not only did the aromas I was enjoying increase, but I was very impressed by the cure – the scissors cut through the nug like cutting through a fine Gouda cheese, as I like to say. At this point, even though I knew this was a Sativa strain, I was half expecting a strong Indica buzz because the look was strongly like a Kush – like a dense, compact Indica strain…

Taste and Effects

The smell of this one carried directly over to the taste, but the sweetness was understated and the earthy qualities stood out more. My mental flashback picture was to smoking some Blackberry Kush years ago – it had much of the same flavors. With the second hit I really started to notice the pine flavors and once I noticed the pine I couldn’t un-taste it. Every hit after that tasted earthy and piney with a hint of the berry sweetness.

The smell in the room after a few hits was a little different than the usual marijuana smell… Tania and I decided it smelled like “a sweet pine forest in the spring after a rain”. I also noted there was the noticeable smell of sandalwood mixed in…

This was a creeper herb and took about 7-8 minutes to really show all it’s effects. After the first few hits I noticed that I could breath easier – the effect was very noticeable. The herb was providing a lifted feeling – in a subtle way, but was a definite eye opener.

Most of the effects of this one were subtle except the body comfort and breathing easier. After the effects really saturated me the most noticeable thing I was experiencing was a relaxed feeling in my neck and shoulders. There must have been tension in my shoulders because everything felt loosened up after about 8 minutes.

This herb had barely any – if any at all – noticeable psychoactive properties. I felt at peace, but I attribute that to the body comfort I felt. Some hemp strains can really make me CBD stoned, but not this one. This just relaxed my body, gave me a slight lift, and led to some good conversations.

The Wrap Up

Tania, my wife and the director of our videos, doesn’t smoke that much and when she does she prefers CBD because she doesn’t want to feel the strong effects like I do. While reviewing this herb I immediately thought this might be one she’d like, and later I asked her to give it a try. Well, she loved this strain! It was peaceful and relaxing, it felt good and clear-headed and she agreed that it definitely helped relax the neck and shoulders.

The only drawback to this strain is the effects seemed to fade rather quickly and after 30-45 minutes I needed to smoke more to continue feeling the body comfort. Tania also noted that the herb seemed to wear off rather quickly. It’s a shame, because the body comfort is just right when it’s at its peak.

All and all this one got a 4.3 rating, mainly based on the look and smell. The effects on this one are prefect for that person who wants a great tasting smoke with a mentally lifting and subtle high, and a shot of relaxing body comfort. Not a bad combination, if you ask me…

Until later, best of health.


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