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This is a searchable and sort-able list of all the flowers we’ve reviewed on our site since late June, 2020.


Black GelatoLos Angeles KushHybrid - Indica Dom.23.374$55
Black JackHerb & ZenHybrid - Indica Dom.27.93.4$25
Chem 91Tru CaliHybrid24.533.75$35 +tax
GMO CookiesRoyal TreeIndica33.773.95$45 +tax
IllemonatiSmooth CannabisHybrid - Indica Dom.20.123.9$40 +tax
Kushberry CheesecakeLos Angeles KushHybrid - Sativa Dom.23.54.2$55
Mai TaiSessions Supply Co.Hybrid - Sativa Dom.21.671.25$50
Orange CreamsicleSessions Suppy Co.Hybrid20.973.75$50
Pure KushCRU CannabisIndica25.204.15$45
Tropical PunchCoastal SunHybrid - Sativa Dom.233.8$40


*cost reflects the price we paid for this sample, your experience may vary.