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Deep, dank, sulfuric, diesel, gassy aromas hit my nose and immediately had my attention. We were in the middle of filming the video review, and I had just opened the jar and was going to pour out the nugs on the tray. Hold on!

Oh. My. Goodness! All weekend I’ve been stuck with several different herbs I ended up not liking very much… one was too strange and spicy, another was too buzzy in a caffeine kind-of-way, another had an uncured, leafy taste. And all I wanted was a good diesel strain!

“Eureka! We’ve got diesel!” my brain exclaimed! Anything that smells that amazing is bound to taste great and have a quality high! My eyes lit up with excitement at what lay ahead…

Getting In the Jar

This week we are looking at a strain called GG4 from Glass House Farms that I picked up from Joy of Life Wellness Center in Palm Springs. I was treated very well at the Joy of Life Center, where the budtender who I talked to on the phone did her best to apply every special they had to my order. I got discounts, a bonus joint and a savings on the tax. Thank you Joy of Life Center, you made an 80 mile round-trip very enjoyable, satisfying and well-priced!

GG4 has been called many things over the years including Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Glue #4, Original Glue, GG, GG#4 – lot’s of names, but all the same strain…

GG4 is a cross of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel… it was back-crossed which is why it has three different parents. This strain was developed by growers Joesy Whales and Lone Watty, the founders of GG Strains – and since it’s inception it has been a winner, taking home a number of cannabis cup awards!

The original name for this strain, Gorilla Glue #4, came about from how sticky the trimming scissors got during trimming… they stuck together like Gorilla Glue. The company that makes the super-strong adhesive didn’t take kindly to their trademarked name being used for a cannabis strain, hence the name change to Original Glue, GG#4 and now, simply GG4.

When I poured the nugs out on the tray they weren’t that impressive looking, despite the amazingly delicious smell that was leaping up from the tray. Lots of smalls, with just a couple mediums.

As you can see from the photo that nug weighed in at just 0.63 grams, and that was the biggest nug. I would have liked something a little more photogenic in the jar, but those thoughts were pushed aside by the aroma hovering over the tray!

As a note, the total weight of the nugs in the jar were 3.51 grams. The well-cured nugs – and I mean it when I say well-cured, because Glass House Farms nailed it on the cure – were a dark, earthy green.

Of course, at this point I had just one thought on my mind – let’s load up a bowl and take this one for a spin!

The Effects

Expansive… I had just taken a couple hits and I closed my eyes after the camera stopped filming – my body felt like it was expanding. I guessed it was my aura that was getting larger, but it felt like the personal space around me just blew up like a fuzzy, smoky balloon.

The first few minutes I was hit with a powerful wave of THC that I rode for a good seven or eight minutes. I’ve never been a surfer – I bodysurfed as a teenager – but I felt like it was as if I was riding the edge of a wave, feeling the amazing power of the wave as you cut along it’s face, propelled forward by the powerful force… indeed, this is a strong herb with 24.83% THC!

Ten minutes into the high my thoughts were getting very “stream-of-conscious”, in an expansive way. I was having a great time! It had been several years since I had a GG4 that hit me so well, and I was riding the high to the fullest. But I knew what was ahead with GG, because I’ve been on this ride many times.

GG4 tends to hit me really strong and then it shifts gears after ten-fifteen minutes, and slips into a total body-comfort high, just when I think I’m in for a head-high. The marijuana fuzzies settle in, the eyes go lidded and at this point I know I need to pace myself. Smoke too much GG4 too fast and you’re headed to couch-lock city. But it tastes soooo good you just want to keep going…

When the GG4 shifts gears the writing vibe usually hits me. I like an expansive, stream-of-conscious flow of thoughts in my head while I’m writing. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s like having music on while you write. Somehow all the extra mental noise makes it easier to concentrate, and when I’m stuck for a next sentence the mental noise usually provides something useful.

Speaking Of Writing

Here’s a short digression… several years ago I wrote my second novel called Moving At The Speed Of Time, a fun, fast-paced story where marijuana was my muse – I wrote the whole thing completely stoned. My main character in the story is a guy named Dylan and his go-to herb is Gorilla Glue #4!

Here’s the link to the book’s website where you can read an excerpt and find links to purchase the book if you’re interested.


Wrapping It Up

This is probably the best tasting GG4 I’ve had in the last several years. Glass House Farms has done a great job with this strain. Two thumbs up!

This strain will definitely satisfy your gassy, diesel desires while providing a powerful THC rush and a long term body comfort and creative inspiration. If that sounds good to you then check out GG4, and especially GG4 from Glass House Farms!

Until next week, best of health.

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