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The GRAV® Wide-Based Water Pipe is 8″ tall and made on 32mm tubing. Its downstem ends in a wide conical fission perc that diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage. The narrow tube leading to the mouthpiece prevents splashback. The wide-based water pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm GRAV® Cup Bowl and functions best with approximately 1″ of water. Designed by Stephen Peirce – GRAV



[Based on the transcript of video, edited for clarity]

Welcome back to the red bench, it’s time for another Red Bench Review…

Today I want to talk to you about this mean, clean, smoking machine. I’ve been using this thing for 30 days and I am just absolutely crazy about it. For 30 years of my life I was a pipe smoker… I used a pipe whenever I smoked herb. I smoke joints every once in a while when I smoke with friends, but it’s been 30 years since I had a bong and the last bong I had was this thing… it was this tall, double chamber, purple acrylic number that was a monster. You could not take hits without it blowing your lungs out. We rarely ended up using that bong, and it eventually it disappeared… somewhere, I don’t know where…

It was my birthday a month ago and for my birthday I had decided that I wanted to get a bong. I did not realize how much this was going to change my smoking game… it has changed it up immensely. My smoking is cleaner, I’m enjoying the herbs more. I am getting high more, not meaning spending more time getting high, but when I get high, the high seems to be that much better, and I’m not using a lot more herb to do it.

This particular bong is by GRAV. It’s called the Wide Base Bong [Water Pipe] if you look it up, and of course we will include links below. You can buy this water pipe in all clear, but I chose to go with the smoky accents, which are available exclusively from the GRAV website.

It ships with a rather small bowl, I call that a one-hitter bowl. It’s a “smoke-through” bowl so it’s got a hole at the bottom which means that the ashes are going to go through your bowl, down the downstem, and gunk up the inside of your bong… which means you’re going to have to clean it much more often. I decided to opt for what’s called an Octobowl. An Octobowl has a little handle on the side. It holds a quarter gram of herb when it’s packed so you can get about three or four good hits off of it. Because it’s got a glass flower at the bottom the ashes will not go through to the inside of your bong… meaning that your cleaning is going to be very easy.

I wanted to mention something… I call this a bong continually throughout this video. It is actually called a water pipe. In areas where marijuana is not legal, you’ve got to call it a water pipe, but for us in California, it’s a bong now!

I would like to attribute [credit] this bong with changing my smoking game. The way I perceive smoke, the way I enjoy it, has totally changed… because of the percolation system… the way the chamber works with water… the hits come through so smooth. I’m able to detect all the flavoring of the herb that I never noticed before… it’s like a new smoking experience. Of course, I do keep the water in my bong clean on a regular basis because that’s the best way to get the good flavoring, but the smoke intake is just perfect… as you inhale, the first breath, you pull all the smoke into the chamber… and then you release the bowl and it just moves so nicely up the stem.

I’m used to bongs like the classic straight bong… you got the four-footer [maybe a two-footer actually]… “dude take a hit”… It takes you a whole breath just to load the whole thing, then they release the bowl on you, and you get slammed like you got hit with a steamroller. This does not have that steamroller effect. This has a very nice, smooth effect. I cannot get enough of it. I sit here and I smoke through a bowl, and I meditate on it… sometimes I wish I wasn’t that high because I’d like to smoke some more from this bong… it’s that enjoyable.

This bong gets me high on a very efficient level. The amount of marijuana that I’m smoking is much less than before I got the bong, which is was unexpected to me. I thought bongs took a lot more pot, but not in this case at all.

I would highly recommend you getting this bong, but before I do, how about if I take a big bong rip and show you how good this machine works. Alright, let’s take a bong rip of this so you can see this mad machine in action… this little bong is just a beautiful piece of glass.. I was so happy to get it… here we go, you ready to check this out…

[Jon takes a bong toke]

That’s a smooth machine, isn’t it? Oh, got a cough coming… nope… yup [Jon coughs big time]. My lungs are 56 years old, and they’ve been smoking herb for 38 of those years… a guy like me, we’re gonna cough a little bit afterwards, but that’s not the fault of this bong. That was an extremely good hit… by the way, that was some Chem Dawg that we were smoking in there… very nice… I love that earthy flavor of Chem Dawg, but we’re not going there today.

Let’s take another rip and show off this machine again. I feel like I’m driving it up and down the road for you. Those six percolators down there under the water… I don’t know why they chose six and didn’t go with seven or eight, but it seems to be the perfect number because that hit is so proportionately nice [huh?]. There’s a heaviness to a draw that you really expect when you take a hit and sometimes with bongs you don’t really experience the heaviness of a hit… it’s really just a slam bam shotgun. But this one you can enjoy all the nuances that come from the herb, all the nuances of the smoking experience… and not to mention – you can do some badass bong rips from this thing!

Well that’s my report on the GRAV Wide Base Bong. We’ll include links below so you can go get one of these yourselves, or you can find more information about it if you like…

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Thank you very much and until next time, best of health.



GRAV 8” Wide-Base Water Pipe (smoky accents)

GRAV 8” Wide-Base Water Pipe (clear)



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