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The Review

CBD Sunday- 2021 | Episode #5 | Hemp Living USA | Bubba Kush

I’ve been a big fan of Bubba Kush – the cannabis version – for years. It’s one of those strains that I’d pick up anytime I’d see it… it used to be more common, but now it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good Bubba. When I saw that my local CBD shop had some jars of Bubba Kush from Hemp Living USA, I had to give it a try, and picked up a five gram jar for just thirty dollars.

Next Level Vape and CBD in Yucca Valley is a great shop that has recently started looking into carrying hemp flowers… something I’ve heartily encouraged. I love the idea of hemp and cannabis availability spreading and becoming more normalized – picking up hemp flowers in a local shop that isn’t a dispensary is a step in the right direction, in my thinking. Heck, in the future I want to see hemp and cannabis available at my local supermarket, right next to the beer, wine and liquor. Of course, I may need to wait a while before that happens…

The Look and Smell

The small glass jar from Hemp Living USA was packed full with 5.16 grams. When I poured the nugs out on the tray there was one large nug that weighed over two grams, a couple mediums and a few smalls. The well-trimmed nugs were medium to dark green, lightly sticky and emitted a fantastic aroma.

The first smell from the herb that hit my nose was a deep, earthy aroma mixed with a pine scent that created a combination that reminded me of being in the redwood forests of Northern California. Then I noticed the sweet overtones. Once I noticed the sweetness it became the most predominate smell I could detect. Under all those good smells were some hints of spiciness, leaning towards sage and rosemary. I even think I noticed a bit of gassy, diesel notes… all-in-all, a very complex aroma that got me excited to load up a bowl.

When I cut up the nug to load the bong the aroma filled the room. The nugs were very well-cured, and because Hemp Living USA included a Boveda humidity pack in the jar, the herb was in a perfect state of freshness even though it had been packaged several months earlier. This is the third time I’ve tried hemp flowers from this brand and every time the herb has been very fresh!

The Taste and Effects

Yup, that’s Bubba, I thought immediately when I took the hit. I’ve smoked dozens of different versions of Bubba Kush over the years and there is a certain earthy, piney, slightly savory flavor to Bubba that is so tasty – so smokable! It’s not like Bubba has an immediately unmistakable taste like Trainwreck does – but instead it’s a certain taste, along with a certain smoke feel and some mysterious quality X that makes Bubba as comfortable and relaxed as hanging out with an old friend.

Comfortable is definitely the word for Bubba Kush. Relaxed, chill, peaceful, like a comfortable pair of sweats… slipping into some Bubba just feels like home.

Each smooth and thick hit had a deep, full-bodied feel. The initial taste was kind of spicy and creamy with a bunch of sweetness, followed by an earthiness that had a thick dankness! I let the rich flavor of the aftertaste rest on my tongue and savored it…

The effects first hit my eyes with a fuzzy, lidded feel that quickly made my whole head seem delightfully inflated with a happy sense of comfort – and then, here come the fuzzies! The comfortable fuzzies spread down my body and fully engulfed me within ten minutes of taking the first hit… and I knew I was in the Bubba zone!

The Fuzzies

There are many great effects that marijuana produces, from high exhilaration, to cosmic thinking, to time/space distortions, to being an appetite stimulant, to causing body comfort and so on… thousands of different effects. One of my favorites is the “fuzzies”.

My simplest description of the fuzzies is that feeling like all my nerves have been wrapped in a comforting insulation. It’s like having a cozy sweater on that covers me from head to toe, inside and out. It’s like soaking in a bath that is the perfect temperature. The fuzzies is the best medicine I know for the physical symptoms I deal with from the depression – it makes my body feel “normal” for a while and comfortable to live in.

There are, of course, many different fuzzies. I’ve experience prickly fuzzies that were like wearing a wool sweater. I’ve experienced very heavy fuzzies that made me just want to slip into oblivion. There are light fuzzies that I barely notice unless I pay attention. Some herb has no fuzzies at all.

Bubba has the fuzzies, big time, but not in a heavy fashion – I like to call it being in the Bubba zone! The Bubba zone fuzzies are probably the best fuzzies of all! What does that feel like? Imagine coming home after a busy and stress-filled day, slipping into some comfortable clothes and settling down on the sofa by a crackling fire in the fireplace… wrapped in a soft blanket, with herb in hand, and nothing that needs to be done for hours – being in the Bubba zone feels like all that, and more!

Smoking from my bong causes the biggest fuzzies and smoking from my pipe causes the least, but still very substantial… I smoked a big joint of Bubba one evening, and it completely couch-locked me in a delightfully fuzzy way. Soon I was drifting in and out of sleep, my eyes barely able to stay open, until I slipped off to dreamland. Be warned, this one can, and will, get you CBD stoned!

I will also point out that, when I wasn’t smoking big fatties, and used some moderation, this was a very clear-headed kind of herb… very useful for working on my various projects. A solid get-stuff-done herb, good for day or night.

The Wrap Up

I was very pleased with this herb, and enjoyed smoking it down to the last crumb… the smell and taste were both delightful, and the nugs well-cured – with definite bonus points for the Boveda humidity pack! The buzz from this one, as I mentioned, felt like hanging with an old friend, and I like that…

By the way, if you’re not here in the hi-desert of Southern California you can order online, straight from Hemp Living USA. They sell Bubba Kush in a 10 gram jar, and considering how good this strain was – that sounds like the right amount to have on hand!

This herb is the kind I would recommend for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike! There are no surprises here, no curve balls, just a great favor with a heavenly buzz that’s full of fuzzy, body comfort, with a pleasant sense of being stoned – in a very relaxed and chill kind of way. Two thumbs up!

Until later, best of health.

The Low Down

StrainBubba Kush
TypeHybrid – Indica Dom.
BrandHemp Living USA
Location PurchasedNext Level Vape & CBD – Yucca Valley
CBD Level17%
Purchase Weight3.5 grams – 1/8 oz
Actual Weight5.16 grams
Look & Feel
PackagingGlass Jar
ColorMedium Green, Dark Green
FreshnessWell Cured
TouchLight Sticky
Look & Feel Rating4
Base SmellSweet
Secondary SmellsPine
Secondary Smells – OtherEarthy, rosemary, touch of diesel
Strength – SmellPronounced
Smell Rating4
Flavor – OtherSavory, sweet, slightly spicy
Smoke TextureSmooth, Thick
Strength – TastePronounced
Taste Rating4.5
How Much Ingested?4 hits (1/4 gram)
Speed of OnsetCreeper
Where Do You Feel It?Eyes
Main EffectsPhysical, Relaxing, Contemplative
Strength – EffectsPronounced
DurationOver an Hour
Effects Rating4.5
Effects ImpressionLike a good, driving bass line… The best fuzzies!
Total Rating4.25
Total Rating – Why?Great hemp flower. Definitely one to compare others too…
Would I buy this again?Yes
Rating ScaleSCALE – 1 (Poor) 2 (Average) 3 (Very Good) 4 (Exceptional) 5 (Holy Grail)
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