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The Review

New Review Wednesday- 2021 | Episode #18 | Herb & Zen | GG4

This week we got a jar of cannabis from Herb & Zen that struck me a bit unusual for GG4 – it had 2.981% CBD – the highest CBD levels I’ve ever seen in a GG4 strain! I was so curious to see if the extra CBD would add to the “entourage effect” – when the cannabinoids, the terpenes, the THC and the CBD all work together to create the experience we call getting high. The high is caused by so much more than just the THC levels, and as more people become aware of this we may see herb strains developed that mix in more CBD.

[Disclaimer: This herb was provided by Herb & Zen in exchange for an honest review]

Just a quick note about the name – GG4 is sometimes called Original Glue, and was first called Gorilla Glue #4. Due to trademark issues most companies that sell a GG4 strain have dropped the original Gorilla Glue name. The name is said to come from A) the extremely sticky quality of the fresh buds and B) because you’ll be stuck to the sofa like glue.

The Look and Smell

The herb came packaged in a glass jar dressed in all black with silver lettering that is Herb & Zen’s signature style.

On the side, next to the California warning, was a listing of the THC levels of 25.472%, and also says that this one had over 32% total cannabinoids.

Opening the jar the smell was a bit subdued, but still rich, earthy and dank. There was a hint of something citrus and fruity with an undeniable sweetness… but mostly my nose attached itself to the deeply earthy and dank aromas.

Cutting up the first nug the sweet aroma leapt up from my tray. The nug was well-cured, slightly sticky but a bit dry*. Much to my surprise, a seed popped out of the nug onto the tray! I consider this a lucky thing because now I can grow a GG4 plant… so cool. And it is a healthy-looking, mature seed.

I’m old enough to remember when a lot of commercial (illegal) marijuana was full of seeds and getting seedless marijuana was more unusual than you might imagine. Removing seeds and stems was always a chore that had to be performed before any smoking could be done. It was a pain! Now I rarely see a seed, and when I do I get excited, because I look at it as a freebie! Cannabis seeds are expensive so a seed in the bag doesn’t bother me – it’s a little gift that will keep on giving once I grow it! 🙂

The Taste and Effects

I’ve smoked GG4 (not this brand’s version) many times before and I love the high – a big first impression that turns into a very comfortable high… very relaxing. I’ve had Gorilla Glue that led to very active times and I’ve been couch-locked. Depending on how the grower handles their plants the strain can swing either Indica-strong or Sativa-dominant, in my experience. It was with these thoughts in the background that I packed my bowl and got my bong ready for a sesh.

The first hit greeted me with a deep, solid, earthy/dank flavor that made me happy. Whenever a sesh starts with those flavors good things are sure to follow. As I enjoyed the flavor, the THC entered my bloodstream and wham, the high flooded me like being hit with a wave while standing on the beach. It rushed over me and faded just as quickly. I like that, I thought, and got ready for hit number two…

The second toke had even more of the solid earthy and dank flavors, and I also noticed a touch of sweetness. The hit rushed over me again, making my eyes lidded feeling, filling my head and body with a numb fuzziness for about fifteen seconds, before fading again. This time a lot of stoniness stuck around after the fade, and by the time I got to my third hit, everything felt like it was slowing down, in such a pleasant fashion.

The strong first effects lasted about fifteen to twenty minutes before fading into a very relaxing, stony buzz (and I mean STONY) that lasted well over an hour for me. The body comfort was more than I remember from previous GG4 experiences and I wondered if it was the extra CBD in there?!

One different thing I noticed was how much this one relaxed my back muscles. After a couple of hits I felt a warm feeling in my back muscles, especially the shoulder blades. I didn’t realize how tight my muscles were until the herb “massaged” my back. I noticed this effect again during a later sesh, however the next day I didn’t… but my back felt a lot better too!

Surprisingly, this one did NOT make me couch-locked. I was expecting that after the first half dozen hits, but the stony high turned into a great time of hanging out with my love – very fun and euphoric. Later I got into working on a creative project, boosted by a few more hits of the GG4. If I had to say which way this one swings, I’d say about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

The Wrap Up

I gave this one a “5” for effects because the high had so much good stuff going on… a big first impression followed by a profound sense of relaxation – just like I’d expect from a GG4, and pretty much exactly how I like to feel. There was just enough of the Indica to have a pleasantly heavy bottom, but a strong Sativa lift and amazing amount of euphoria.

Let’s talk about euphoria for a moment. When I say this I’m talking about that deeply positive shift that goes on after smoking the herb, when a smile comes to your face as the smoke releases your inner bliss. Sometimes it hits quickly and suddenly, sometimes it comes on slowly – but because this is a psychoactive substance, some strains will cause these mental shifts. This one rates pretty high up there on the euphoria scale for me!

For those of you following along at home, you’ll probably note this is the second time Herb & Zen have knocked it out of the park on the effects. I think that’s a testament to the folks over at Herb & Zen, and the quality of the herb they are putting out at a medium to low price. I like to think of them as providing “top shelf herb at a working person’s price”. I’d buy this in a heart beat, and at these working person friendly prices, I’d pick up two or three jars!

*One last note – I mentioned this herb was a bit dry. I put it in a Mason jar overnight with a Boveda humidity pack and the herb bounced back with deeper and richer aromas. The cure was great and the flavor just a bit deeper. Yum – I love smoking GG4 when it’s like this!

Until later, best of health.

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