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The Review

New Review Wednesday- 2021 | Episode #19 | Herb & Zen | White Runtz

Rarely have I been so perfectly stoned by an herb as I have been by White Runtz from Herb & Zen. As I’m sitting here typing – I’ve just taken a few hits – my mind is feeling the strong, yet not overwhelming, power of the high coming on – and I feeling amazing. Now – let’s backtrack a bit and talk about how I got here…

[Disclaimer: This herb was provided by Herb & Zen in exchange for an honest review]

White Runtz is a cross of Gelato and Zkittles. This strain is part of the incredibly popular family of Runtz strains and I’m just beginning to understand why. So far this year I’ve smoked both Runtz and Strawberry Runtz, and each time I had to go back and get more of the herb, they were so good. This strain that we looked at this week came in at 26.289% THC – and I call that a big engine!

The Look and Smell

Herb & Zen has nice compact jar, dressed in black it gets straight to the point and tells you this jar contains potent herb!

The understated white writing on the side of jar says this herb has 29.828% total cannabinoids. I opened the simple seal on the side and immediately caught a whiff of the aromas from the jar. Hold on!

The first scents I noticed was a gassy, diesel, sulfuric aroma that just knocked me out! I love gassy herb! My nose was in heaven and if we weren’t filming a video, I would have just kept smelling the jar for a while longer. But smell isn’t everything… there is the flavor and the high, and there is also the look of the nugs, so I poured them out on the tray as we moved forward with the video review.

The nugs hit the tray with a solid sound that made me know this was some dense herb, and they turned out to be even more dense than I’d thought.

The nugs looked little compact flower clusters – well cured, but a touch dry as I cut the first nug up. I quickly loaded up my bong so I could taste this herb!

The Taste and Effects

[Note: OMG – the munchies from this one are over the top. I just ate a half bag of nacho Doritos and I’m scouting around for more junk food!]

I held the first hit in way longer than necessary, not because I expected to get higher, but just to savor the flavor. The truth of the matter is – you only need to hold the hit in for three seconds, but I didn’t care… I just wanted to live for a moment in the taste.

The taste was like a song! Deeply earthy notes on the bottom, woody and dank tones just above that and on top of the whole thing was a sulfuric, gassy melody that was the catchiest tune I’ve heard since I first tried OG Kush many years ago. It was the kind of flavor that lets my mind know something great is about to happen.

Of course, the messages running to my brain about the flavor were just barely outrunning the THC racing through my bloodstream. The high started to hit within a couple of minutes. From the first hints of the coming high I knew this was going to be a good one!

Uplifting, euphoric and solid with a very old school feel… like when I first smoked the real OG. OG Kush always feels to me like the coolest herb around, like I just slipped on a pair of sunglasses and leaned back against a building to watch the world go by. And you feel cool because you know you feel better than anyone around because you just smoked the OG. Runtz had that same feel and more!

I was relaxed immediately as the herb completely saturated my body! I was mentally relaxed and overtaken with a creative vibe. This herb got my mind hopping and jumping with all the synapses popping! Every thought hatched a dozen more as I entered a free association, intuitive mind space.

For me, this high knocks it out of the park! This is pretty much why I smoke cannabis, so I can find this kind of high. The herb only took a few hits to send my mind off and put a well-seasoned smoker like myself “there”.

I must note that the high that I’ve experienced so far with White Runtz is mostly a head high… but the label on the jar says this is an Indica, so I expect that a heavier dosage, and a longer sesh, might really send me over the edge. I think I’ll enjoy the lower dose high – three or four bong tokes seemed just right for me.

The Wrap Up

So the next thing I need to figure out is how to get an ounce of this one – I mean, it’s that good! And these jars are in the $25-$30 range… I wouldn’t imagine you could have this kind of high at those prices, but it’s true. It’s like 1986 prices, but with better herb!

My only disappointment was the herb was a bit dry and the eighth weighed in at 3.41 grams. I would say the look was a bit lacking, or the rating on this one would have been through the roof.

I think the dryness affected the smell and kept it from becoming room-filling, and that is a requirement for Holy Grail herb – room-filling aromas. I wish I could smell these buds just after they were cured and waiting to be put in jars… now that might have been room-filling!

Meanwhile, until I get more of this herb, I will be slowing smoking this eighth, a few precious hits at a time. When herb like this comes around, you just thank the Good Lord, savor the moment, and hope it lasts.

Until later, best of health.

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May 12, 2021 6:12 pm

Excellent review! I really enjoyed reading your entire experience with this herb. Keep them coming.