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The Review

New Review Wednesday- 2021 | Episode #20 | High Garden | Super Silver Haze

It’s been years since the last time I smoked Super Silver Haze, and I have some fond memories of the strain’s high. But because I tend to gravitate to Indica strains, I always seem to pass by this strain when I’m herb shopping. Well, I decided to change it up last week when I went to the dispensary, and I came home with a box from High Garden with an eighth of the strain to review.

Super Silver Haze was created back in the 1990s in Holland by Green House Seeds who combined Skunk#1 (25%), Northern Lights #5 (25%), and Haze (50%) – all classics in their own right – to create this Sativa masterpiece! The strain was a winner from the beginning, collecting a number of awards in the High Times Cannabis Cup in the late 90s.

Look and Smell

Sativas are tricky for me. Usually the nugs are fluffier than Indicas, the high can get me jittery, and I can smoke through an eighth of a Sativa in about half the time it takes me to go through an Indica. As a consumer whose always had to be careful with his herb budget, I preferred Indicas because they give me more bang for my buck, as they say.

I was surprised when I looked through the peek-a-boo window on the box from High Garden – I could see this version of Super Silver Haze had what looked like dense nugs!

That was not what I was expecting, and I bought the box immediately, curious to find out how High Garden’s version compared with my memories.

Cutting open the Mylar freshness bag inside the box released a fantastic aroma that quickly filled the cabin. We’re talking strong! Deep, earthy and rich, spicy, fruity and sweet. The fruity aromas were strong in pineapple and mangoes. I really wish we had smell-o-vision for this review because the room-filling aromas were heavenly.

I poured the bright green nugs out on the tray and there was a nice collection of mediums and a handful of very small pieces… not quite shake, but close.

Surprisingly the eighth weighed in at only 3.45 grams. High Garden is a low to medium priced brand, so the nug sizes were on par with what I was expecting. The cure of the nugs was great – it seemed like they packaged this herb when it was at the peak of freshness! The cut up herb was aromatic, fresh, sticky and I quickly loaded it up in my bong.

The Taste and Effects

The first hit went in smooth but had a bit of roughness on the exhale that made me cough a lot. The flavors were rich and spicy, earthy, woody and strong on sweet fruit flavors – all classic marijuana flavors! Sometimes I take a hit of an herb and it tastes so much like “marijuana” that it’s the only way to describe it… this one sent my mind reeling backwards through the years to the nineties with these particular flavors.

In the nineties I bought a lot of herb on the black market that had no strain name, it was just “pot”. Most of it was imported Mexican marijuana, but sometimes my dealer would have something special – pot that was so tasty that even when I was stoned I always wanted to take “one more hit”. This herb brought back that one more hit desire… even after the high hit me I kept wanting to take just one more hit.

The high started to hit after about three-four minutes with a euphoric, energetic buzz that kept building for the next fifteen minutes. My synapses started to bubble and pop with random, free-association thoughts combined with a pleasantly unfocused outlook – perfect for jumping into a creative project or doing some brainstorming.

Super Silver Haze is said to be an 80% Sativa to 20% Indica mix, but this one felt like it had more of a thick Indica feel that made the high very solid. I could feel this one rather physically, as my arms and legs felt stoned and tingly. The high felt about as thick as the chunky nug I cut up to load in my bong. As a side note, I’ve noticed that often that the “thickness” of the high often is about the same as the density of the nugs. Fluffy nugs tend to give me an airy high, and dense nugs can smoke so solid. This is not a perfect correlation, but it has happened often enough that it’s worth mentioning.

Also worth mentioning is this is the kind of herb that makes me want to stay away from brightly lit places like grocery stores. I felt stoned and I was sure I looked stoned… plus, I could feel a case of the munchies coming on so that’s another good reason not to send me to the store – who knows what I’d come home with… lots of sugary and salty snacks, no doubt.

The Wrap Up

This week’s review makes me so happy I do cannabis reviews, because it forces me to check out herb that I would normally pass by on my way to my usual strains. I forgot how great of a strain Super Silver Haze can be! Next time I see a box of this one from High Garden I won’t hesitate to pick it up. I feel like I’ve been re-introduced to an old friend I forgot how much I liked hanging out with…

For those of you keeping score at home, this one is definitely in the race for the best Sativa on my list, which looks like this right now:

1. Sour Diesel (Glass House Farms)
2. Banjo (Coast Sun Farm)
3. Jack Herer (Classix)
4. Super Silver Haze (High Garden)
5. Pink Panther (WNC CBD – hemp)
6. Lifter (Cannaflower – hemp)
7. Sour Dubble (Glass House Farms)

The search for the holy Grail of herb continues! Until later, best of health.

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May 19, 2021 7:17 pm

I like the nostalgia certain strains can evoke like this one. ??