9.15.2020 | Loving the Sour OG!

Welcome back to the red bench!

Today I am smoking some Sour OG that I got from a local delivery service up here in the hi-desert yesterday. Because I had bonus points built up this eighth was only $7 – such a deal!

With Parents Like That…

Sour OG is a cross between two great strains – Sour Diesel and OG Kush… I like to think that Sour OG brings out some of the best of these two legendary parents. Both strains are in my all-time top ten and I rarely pass up some good Sour D or the OG.

The eighth I got was a four gram eighth, and contained one big bud – 3.38 grams! – and a smaller one to round out the weight. When I broke the big bud apart it was really sticky inside, thick with trichomes just waiting to be set on fire!

The grower did a nice job with this version of Sour OG – the cure is good, and the trimming was done by hand, it appears.

A strain can turn out very different depending on who grew it, the nutrients used, the growing environment, the way it’s handled after harvest and the vibe of the grower. Cannabis is a living plant that responds to love, care and abundant attention – and good vibes. It also need a proper harvest, drying, trimming and curing. This Sour OG apparently had all that, because the results speak for themselves.

The high of Sour OG is one I enjoy returning to again and again, because smoking this herb makes me feel like I just put on my most comfortable sweatpants, both mentally and physically. It’s an herb I know well and it doesn’t throw me any curve balls. I’d say it puts a nice insulation on the mental wires while giving my body that relaxed marijuana feel I’m looking for.

The smell of this herb has a musky, earthy smell mixed with the sweet smell of an over-ripe plum. I like opening the jar every so often just to experience the odd mixture of smells. The taste is much the same as the smell, but with a nice undertone of a gassy diesel.

I often use this strain to mix with other strains because it plays well with others. Yesterday I mixed it with some Wedding Cake – this version of Wedding Cake leans towards the Indica side so the uplift of the Sour OG, mixed with the Indica, led to a stonier ride to Comfortville.

Where can you buy this fine herb? Here’s a link to Leafly’s strain guide, they have links to where you can buy Sour OG: https://www.leafly.com/strains/sour-og

So, what am I doing with this nice Sour OG high today?

Because it’s Tuesday I am finishing up the strain review for New Review Wednesday, which includes about a thousand and one steps – starting when we set up for the video shoot a couple days ago, to doing the last edits on the web page late tonight.

The Sour OG is going to help me take those steps in the right frame of mind – a properly stoned frame of mind! I would say – it’s the only way to deal with a long list of things to do 😉

This weeks video review is of a strain called Banjo – oh my. All I’m going to say before tomorrow is this is one great strain – one worth checking out!

What are you smoking today? Are you smoking today? Do you smoke everyday or occasionally? I’m curious… so I invite you to jump into the comments below and tell us what’s on your rolling tray, how you’re going to enjoy it – pipe, bong, joint, vape, dab… oh my, the choices are endless – and how did it make you feel? Or tell us why you’re NOT smoking today?!?

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