Jon’s Daily Sesh | 1.12.2021 | The Three Second Rule

As you may have noticed by watching our video reviews – I don’t hold my bong hits in very long… just a few seconds. The reason I do this is because you only need to hold in your hit for a maximum of three seconds! That’s it! That’s how long it takes your lungs to absorb 95% of the marijuana goodness in any lungful of smoke.

I used to believe the common myth that you needed to hold a hit in for a long as possible. This was such an old part of the pot smoking ritual, passed on from old smokers to newbies as essential wisdom. “Hold that hit in until as long as you can… until you’re about ready to pass out,” I was told early on in my smoking days. I would get very lightheaded when I did, and I thought that was part of the marijuana high for a long time. I was actually just getting lightheaded from oxygen deprivation.

The lungs are very efficient at transforming the oxygen and other gases we breath in, and moving them into the bloodstream. The absorption of oxygen and the exhalation of carbon dioxide happens very quickly – in seconds, so holding your breath means you’re just holding a bunch of carbon dioxide in your lungs. All the oxygen is gone in seconds…

The same thing happens with herb smoke – there is a very quick absorption of cannabinoids, terpenes and other marijuana goodness – and by the time you’re exhaling, the various compounds are already rushing through your bloodstream to the far reaches of your body, and to your brain!

Holding your hit in more than the optimum three seconds allows more of the tars to settle on the surface of the lungs, which is something we all want to avoid. Keep in mind that nearly 88% of that smoke you’re inhaling contains tars, particulates, and other non-cannabinoid material.

Here’s one way to make that hit extra efficient – take deeper hits! Pull the hit into your lungs by using your diaphragm. This opens up more room in your lungs, and you can take in a larger hit. A larger hit means more THC, CBD and other cannabinoids filling your lungs from top to bottom. And that means a bigger high!

So remember during your next sesh – hold that hit for only three seconds, because more than that is just holding your breath!

Until later, best of health.

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