Jon’s Daily Sesh | 1.22.2021 | The Mystery of “CBD Stoned”

Seven months ago I had no idea there was such a thing as smoking hemp flowers – CBD bud. I’ve been smoking herb for over 38 years and I’ve never come across hemp flowers before! Nobody ever grew marijuana with high CBD and little THC because no one ever had a reason to, but that all changed with the Farm Bill of 2018 when hemp with less than 0.3% THC became became legal.

Here we are, just a few years down the road and creative growers have basically flipped the cannabinoid profile of a number of strains so that they can grow high CBD plants with nearly zero percent THC – herb that they can sell legally online. It amazes me that they did this in just a few short years!

The online market for hemp flowers is growing at an amazing pace, and word is starting to get out that smoking the CBD bud is a nice, legal way to enjoy some of the best effects of marijuana without the high. What?! (scratching record sound goes here) No high?!

I beg to differ. Sure, I’ve only been smoking the hemp flowers for a few months now, but I don’t know about all this stuff I’ve been reading on websites that their herb won’t get you high – these people sure didn’t hang out with me and Tania the other night…

High On Hemp

It was late in the evening and we had been enjoying a lively conversation, covering a number of drifting topics. I’d been taking causal hits from the bong every so often of some GMO Garlic Cookies, and had a nice THC buzz going.

“When are you going to pack me a bowl of CBD buds?” Tania asked, suddenly changing the direction of the conversation.

“Right now!” I said. I’d been cutting up a nug of a hemp flower in my tray as she asked that question. “I’ve got some BaOx for you…” and I handed her the pipe.

Tania took a nice-sized hit, held it in for about three seconds and exhaled a nice cloud of pungent, earthy smoke.

“Oh my…” she said and handed the pipe back. One hit was all she needed, and in minutes she declared that she was stoned. I wish you could have heard her wax poetically for the next thirty minutes about the great high she was feeling. She composed a long text to the grower of the herb expressing her gratitude for the flowers. She felt great. She felt lifted. She was CBD stoned!

CBD Stoned

I’m trying to get over the fact that CBD bud will get you high – will get you CBD stoned – when every source I read says the opposite… so what’s the story?

To get to the bottom of the issue the first thing I had to eliminate was the THC edibles I eat on a regular basis. I make chocolate using THC distillates that have a regulated amount of THC in each dose. I use these to manage the symptoms of depression and they work fantastic. I thought maybe the reason I felt high was the CBD interacting with the edibles. I tried a number of experiments where I smoked CBD bud without the edibles and felt the same effect. Tania doesn’t ever use edibles so it certainly wasn’t the reason she was feeling effects.

Many of the sites that sell CBD bud state that their herb isn’t “psychoactive” – which means “affecting the mind”…

What does that mean when I feel relief with hemp from physical symptoms, and that affects my mental outlook? What does that mean when I feel relaxed from CBD bud, and that allows my mind to run free? What does that mean when I get those familiar marijuana fuzzies after smoking a bowl of hemp flowers? What does that mean when I get that familiar “high” feeling after smoking a few bong rips of CBD buds?

Psychoactive? Sure it’s psychoactive, just not “exactly” the way regular marijuana is… the high of cannabis does hit me a little differently, I will admit that, but the more I smoke hemp flowers the less distinct that difference is becoming. Different flowers exhibit many of the effects of their THC cousins. Bubba Kush is a fine example. Bubba has become a very popular hemp flower after the original Bubba Kush was crossed with hemp to create a legal CBD version – high CBD and less than 0.3% THC. The Bubba Kush hemp flowers still retains the feel of a classic THC Bubba Kush.

There is much to explore about this issue, and I will be looking into this subject a lot over this next year…

So, how about you? Have you been smoking hemp flowers? Do you get a high from them? I’d like to know other people’s experience…

Until later, best of health.

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January 23, 2021 6:44 pm

Enjoyed reading this, and I agree 100% that CBD flower is indeed psychoactive in certain respects. Unlike THC, hemp flower never creates any time distortion for me, but it certainly does offer the elevated, muscle-relaxant type effect. Sometimes I’ll even feel tingling in my feet, which used to be common when I smoked THC cannabis frequently.

Denise Alley
January 22, 2021 7:14 pm

My answer is Yesssss!!!! I get high? with Hemp/CBD. I love to mix it.. I don’t like the body high from THC. It’s too overwhelming. I’m either sleeping or i can’t move? I haven’t smoked much CBD, except for the BOAX*? , I have plenty of the Alive?, some Silver Haze and CBG, (which I’m afraid to try LOL), La Creme and a bunch of breath activated vapes, of broad spectrum CBD. I use that, bc I was told earlier this year..”smoke your “Sativas” and to avoid getting anxious, take a hit off the vape”. From Vets with pstd. It’s worked on 2 strains. I say that, bc, as you know, I’m usually sleeping, lol, from my choices? (well the dispensaries) hahaha. But that BOAX*, I know I spelled that incorrectly?, calmed my shaking body down, got me just as floating high, as I do with “blissful wizard” THC hybrid. But, completely blew me away, with the effects. Long story short, Yesssss, Yesssss and just try some Delta 8’s, ?. Next review?and have a nice pre roll, with Delta 8, rolled in kief. I think that’s what it is.?! Rocky knows?. For me, I’m floating, thinking, saying, “Holy crap, wth was I missing”?! It’s a Beautiful, Peaceful, Calm, Even “high”? I don’t fall asleep, Even with the straight BOAX*. I think that’s my medication for an almost nervous breakdown, I almost had. Thank goodness I had it ? I hope that made sense. I just vaped my delta 8?? Enjoy your night, Stay safe, smoke something good????and the weekend is here☺

Last edited 1 year ago by Denise Alley