Jon’s Daily Sesh | 1.9.2021 | A Bunch Of Kind Words!

This man is the Mr. Rogers of weed” – Brandon F.

OMG!!! Make-a-guy-feel-awesome time! I haven’t mentioned this before, but Mr. Rogers is a hero of mine – it’s true. I have three media heroes, people I thought were great at what they did and whose spirit I would like to emulate – Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross and David Letterman. So far I’ve been called the Bob Ross of weed and now the Mr. Rogers of weed, and that’s just in the first six months of Red Bench Reviews – so, as you can imagine, I’m very honored!

Apparently the folks over in the “make-a-guy-feel-awesome” department are working overtime because people have been leaving a bunch of kind comments over on YouTube. Thank you everyone! I sooo much appreciate the feedback and positive vibrations. Your awesome comments are the payment I receive for doing this project, and I cherish all those words!

My wife Tania, the director of our videos, went through all the videos on YouTube and posts on Instagram the other night, gathering comments people have left – and the list of things people have written was almost overwhelming! Here’s a sampling:

“Love and trust your recommendations!”

“Thanks for bringing class to marijuana reviewing! I look forward to your videos.”

“Honest and authentic reviews!”

“Dude you are Entertaining…”

“Our community loves you.”

“Truly appreciate your help and advice…”

“Informative and comical!”

“Dank reviews”

“Your energy is so amazing!”

“You’re on point bro…”

“We love Jon from Red Bench Reviews, this man has the positive vibration and sagely authority that combine to entertain and illuminate- we recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel, it’s destined to be a valuable resource for cannabis aficionados.”


You are the Bob Ross of the marijuana world! Keep up the reviews! Smoke on brother!”

I want to hang out at the red bench with you.”

Weed wizard ? ✌️”


As some of you might be aware, we’ve added video reviews of hemp flowers this year which we’re posting every Sunday, and we’re calling it CBD Sunday. Our first hemp video of the year went up last Sunday, and got a great response!

Of course, we will be posting our regular New Review Wednesday videos every week, but now they will be committed to just cannabis strains.

One of my silver linings for 2020 was discovering the awesomeness of CBD bud. Over the holiday I probably spent more time smoking hemp than cannabis, which really surprised me. I’ve found I really enjoy the CBD buzz – mellow yet stony, and always positive.

One of the side benefits of smoking CBD is my THC highs are better. CBD is known to help restore balance to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, helping them be able to receive more of that THC goodness! I believe I’ve been experiencing just that situation by balancing out my smoking choices.

2021 looks to be a busy year for Red Bench Reviews! Thank YOU for joining us so far! I keep an eye on the stats across the various media platforms and our numbers continue to increase as more people hear about Red Bench Reviews – it’s very encouraging and we’re very excited to see what this year brings!

Until later, best of health.

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January 9, 2021 4:47 pm

Great way to kick off the year brutha. Many thanks for the support and amazing reviews in 2020. From the JKDistro team showing that Cali Love ❤️ Happiest new year Red Bench Family ????

Ps- new 2021 menu ready to go!

January 9, 2021 4:39 pm

I’m so glad your following is growing Jon. You have a really solid knowledge of cannabis, and an engaging style of reviewing each variety.
This industry is gaining so much advocacy and I believe your reviews can really help people decide which medicine is right for them.