Jon’s Daily Sesh | 11.20.2020 | Strawberry Cookies

One of the things that’s happened since I started doing cannabis reviews is the growing number of jars collecting on my herb shelf. I’m sure it looks like I have a bunch of herb, but that would just be an illusion. Most jars are leftovers and have about a bowl’s worth of herb left in them, but you wouldn’t know just glancing at them… right now there are five jars hanging out, and they contain a couple grams of herb at best.

A couple weekends ago I was sorting through my herb jars, clearing out the empty ones and deciding what I wanted to finish off when I came across a jar with about an eighth in it – what?! Where did this herb come from? I hadn’t labeled the herb jar, which is unusual, so I had no idea what was in the jar.

I opened the jar and gave it a smell – oh yum! A sweet berries aroma filled my nose, like freshly cut strawberries before you add sugar. The smallish nugs were frosted with trichomes… certainly I’d remember an herb like this.

I looked through my notes, but couldn’t find any record of this jar. I thought back to all the herb I had tried over the last few weeks. I couldn’t figure it out, so I gave the herb a smoke, hoping that would trigger my memory.

Oh my – that sure was a delicious smoke, with a flavor like sweet, earthy, cloud cookies. A delightful desert herb, for sure! The high came on nearly immediately with a serious head lift and a comfortable body feel. Not bad, I thought and smoked my way through a whole bowl with my second cup of coffee.

That’s when the stoned feeling hit me and kept climbing. Nice ceiling on this one, I thought… and then I remembered where this herb came from! It was Strawberry Cookies – from my local delivery service!

It became my go-to herb the rest of the weekend. Talk about an herb that just makes everything feel right – this one nailed it, from head to toe. The way the high came in was nice and smooth, not disorienting at all. The ride was just right and lasted for over an hour. It was a very sociable herb, that led to some nice conversations with my wife. All in all – two thumbs up…

Here’s a bit of info about this strain – Strawberry Cookies is hybrid that leans toward the Indica side, but not by much. It’s a cross of Animal Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG) and Strawberry Fields (related to Strawberry Cough). Neither are strains I’ve had before, but I have smoked both GSC and Fire OG, plenty. I’m a big fan of the cookies strains – several years ago I wrote a whole novel called Moving At The Speed Of Time while smoking an ounce of GSC.

I bought another eighth of Strawberry Cookies yesterday, and I’m happy to report that my experience the first time around was not a fluke. It’s a really delicious herb that hits so nicely! The smoke has a soft, velvety quality like pillows of clouds. As a matter of fact – “clouds” – is what I thought of immediately when I took a hit. It tasted like clouds, smoked like clouds and left my head in the clouds…

Until next week, best of health.

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