Jon’s Daily Sesh | 11.23.2020 | Illuminati OG

Today’s review is coming to you from deep inside my head…

I smoked about four hits from my bong just a few minutes ago to get myself ready to start my review of today’s herb – Illuminati OG from 3C Farms – and now I feel like I’m deep inside my brain. I’m in Contemplation City… I’d like to just kick back and let my mind wander around, but first let me tell you about this herb.

“3C Illuminati OG is a direct cut from Josh D’s 1996 Club 33 OG phenome and makes up the genetic backbone of many west coast cannabis varieties. In spite of its ubiquity, its origins remain a debatable mystery (as its name suggests)…” – Leafly

Getting In the Jar

First off, the jar appeal of these nugs was delightful.

Opening the jar greeted my nose with a heavily dank, earthy, diesel/gassy/sulfuric fuel smell which is pure heaven to me! I was not sure what to expect from this strain, and this made me sit up and pay attention – I must have smelled the jar a half-dozen times before I poured it out to look at the nugs. It was cannabis aroma therapy at it’s best.

The nugs ranged from nicely sized (around a gram) to a handful of smalls.

They were medium green, with hints of bright green and purple. My guess is that they were grown indoors from the frosty quality of the herb.

Cutting up the nugs proved they were well-cured, and when I looked at the close-up photos I took, the nugs were packed with trichomes – wall to wall!

The smell that enveloped me was just the same as the jar smell but stronger, I couldn’t wait to load the herb up in my bong and taste it…

Taking A Toke

Yum times ten! If you love really strong, dank, earthy fuel flavors – buy this herb if you can find it, absolutely! The taste was heavy with dank… the smoke thick and the aftertaste was pure OG goodness. I’d just take bong rips of this one for the flavor… I’d toke it all day long – a true pleasure smoke.

But I can’t smoke this all day long unless I have absolutely nothing else to do – because this one puts me deep into my head, as I mentioned at the start of this review. And when I’m deep in my head I just want to get philosophical and contemplate the universe. Typing has been a little slower than normal, and prone to long, thoughtful breaks. This herb seemed to put a funny spin on all my thinking, and I laughed to myself more than a few times from the ideas that popped into my brain.

Even though this is a strongly Indica-dominant hybrid, it didn’t hit me with the heavy body effects I’d expect from an Indica. The Sativa is strong in this one, in my opinion, but mainly on the mental side. There was very little marijuana “fuzzies”, and this isn’t a strain I’d turn to for body comfort issues… that’s why I found it to be atypical of Indica-leaning herb, especially one that tests at 28.40% THC.

It’s now been about forty-five minutes since I smoked and the high feels less like I’m deep in my brain… now it’s turned into a pleasant head buzz that has a happy, euphoric effect.

I must note that the OG at the end of this herb’s name is very appropriate. I mentioned the OG aftertaste, but I could also feel the “OG feel” in the high… very relaxed with zero anxiety. There are so many strains now with OG tacked on the end of the name it’s difficult to find something that really hits like an authentic OG. This one has it… and maybe the best I’ve tasted and felt in a long time.

You might of guessed by now that I’d buy this one again – in a heartbeat! I would love to spend a couple weeks smoking just this strain… and I’d smoke it until I had diesel fumes coming out of my ears. Of course, you wouldn’t hear from me for a couple weeks! 😉

Now it’s time to take a few more hits and kick back in Contemplation City – until tomorrow, best of health.

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