Jon’s Daily Sesh | 11.27.2020 | Is This The Holy Grail Of Herb?

Thick smoke filled the cabin… clouds hung heavily in the air and lingered for minutes. I’d exhaled a hit of Holy Grail Kush, and the aftertaste in my mouth was homemade fried chicken. The high hit me like a tsunami and my mind reeled from the powerful surged of THC hitting the bloodstream – I sat at the Red Bench, wondering, have I found the Holy Grail? The hunt for the Holy Grail of herb, that is our stated mission for this project… had I reached the end of the quest already?

Holy Grail Kush, which is also known as Holy Grail OG, is a cross of OG#18 and Kosher Kush. This was the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011 with a perfect score in the hybrid category – that sounds impressive, I’ve got to admit!

I’ve never had OG#18, but I’ve had Kosher Kush several times and it didn’t really stand out as anything special. Since then I’ve had several strains that were a cross of Kosher Kush, including the Illemonati I reviewed earlier this year, and I really liked that herb… so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Holy Grail.

I got a couple grams from the local delivery service, and as you can see from the photo that is a nicely trichome-covered, dark green nug.

It was a bit fluffy, with a dense core – well-cured and full of sweet aromas that leaned towards a gassy, diesel smell.

The nug cut up very nicely, releasing more of the delicious aromas… and the cut-up herb was very sticky as I loaded it into the bong. I was rather impressed at this point, ready to fire it up and see what the taste and high was like.

The first hit was much bigger and thicker than I was expecting and left me coughing… oh my! I went easier on the second hit, and held the smoke in for a good ten seconds before I exhaled. Is that fried chicken I smell? I wondered. That was certainly the aftertaste in my mouth, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph.

This Indica-dominant hybrid came on rather quickly, and I hung out with just the first two hits for about fifteen minutes as the high built. The high hit me first in the chest, powerfully, making me aware of my heart beating… as that passed in a few moments, the high settled into a solid body stone.

I sat and thought about what we used to call a “one-hit wonder”, because I’ve run into a great stretch of powerful herbs this week – Illuminati OG, Fatso, Candyland (I’ll be telling you about this strain next week) and this one, Holy Grail Kush – all of these were strains that we would have called one-hit wonders back in the eighties and nineties. Lucky me!

The Indica side of this hybrid is strong and very sedative, almost to the point of couchlock. After about four hits from the bong I was getting toasted, lit, stoned… pick a term and I was there! If you’re looking for a powerful Indica-like stone… Holy Grail will get you there, it certainly got me there! And I was “there” for well over an hour…

After my sesh was done I busied myself with a few things I had to do around the cabin, and as I did I moved around in a hazy fuzz – my mind was drifting from topic to topic as my thinking locked into a contemplative mode.

Ten minutes after the sesh ended there were still layers of smoke drifting through the air that hadn’t dissipated yet – a seriously thick smoke!

Is this THE Holy Grail of herb? While this is a great herb, maybe even exceptional, my search will continue… during a grail search you often come across something people call the Holy Grail, but it isn’t the true grail, it’s just their Holy Grail. My Holy Grail is still out there somewhere – and I will keep searching until I find it!

With that, I’m going to wrap it up for this week. I hope your weekend is blessed, full of exceptional herb and great highs!

Until next week, best of health.

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November 27, 2020 12:43 pm

Sounds like a delightful smoke!