Jon’s Daily Sesh | 11.30.2020 | You Can Find Me In Candyland

The Old-Time Candy Shop

I closed my eyes and took a deep inhale of the aromas coming from the just-opened container of herb…

Imagine, if you will, walking into an old-time candy shop – the kind with shelves all the way up to the ceiling filled with jars and packages of candy. Take a deep inhale of the shop as you walk through the door. Sweetness – lots of it, but what kind of candy are you really smelling? I smell candied fruit, gumdrops, vanilla taffy and a hundred and one other confections… we’ve stepped into Candyland!

I opened my eyes after smelling the herb that had just arrived from the local delivery service. The visions of the candy shop faded away and I was back in our cabin in the hi-desert, but a multitude of sweet smells lingered in my nose. Wow, I thought, I don’t know when was the last time I smelled an herb with such a pungent sweetness – so intense and powerful.


I’d just had an eighth of Candlyland delivered and was curious to check this Sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross of Granddaddy Purple (GDP) and Bay Platinum Cookies. I know GDP very well – that was my favorite strain and go-to for awhile – back around 2009. Nothing tasted better to me back in the day than the sweet grape taste of a dank purple GDP bud! If an herb is related to GDP, I’m more than willing to give it a try!

GDP is a solid Indica strain so I was surprised that it’s offspring was listed as being so heavy on the Sativa side. I had to go back several generations in the genetics of the Bay Platinum Cookies to find where the Sativa came from… and when you head down that trail you find something called Bay 11 – which I understand is a very powerful Sativa.

Look and Smell

I poured the container out onto the tray to have a good look at what the service had sent over. The eighth, which weighed in at a generous 4.11 grams, contained just two large nugs.

They were dense, well-manicured nugs… medium green with slight hints of purple, and slightly sticky to the touch from the abundant trichomes. As you can see from the photos those are some delightful looking buds.

I pulled a piece off of the smaller nug and cut it up – this was truly well-cured herb and it had a rather sticky quality, sticking to my fingers when I loaded up the bong. The aromas of sugary, candied delights – almost indescribable – hung over the tray.

I usually don’t go for the sugary, sweet, dessert type herbs. I’m a diesel fan. I like my herb sour and gassy… but this one was different. I couldn’t get enough of the sweetness that reminded me so much of candied fruits – very ripe cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries… none of those in particular, but all of them mixed together in the ever-changing atmosphere of aromas that took me back to the old-time candy shop.

I was sold on the smell alone – but let’s fire this herb up and find out how it tastes and feels…

Taste and Feel

The smoke had a nice, thick quality and when I exhaled there was a deep, earthy kind of sweetness. Total deliciousness! I quickly took another bong rip, just to taste the flavor again. I wasn’t expecting the earthy flavor, but it added a great bottom to the taste, like adding a heavy bass to a music mix. The sweet high notes needed something heavy to hold them down or they would just float away on sugary clouds…

The high hit me nearly immediately with an uplifting feel. Oh, nice marijuana fuzzies, I thought as I paused to feel the high after the second hit. I could feel it in my eyes, as the lidded feel settled in… then it dropped to my shoulders – very relaxing but at the same time very lifting with a burst of euphoria. After about four hits I was seriously lit and on my way to being stoned.

I discovered this is a great herb for conversation when Tania and I went to hang out on the patio. Just enough “stream-of-consciousness” shifting of ideas and concepts in my head to keep things interesting, but not so much that it made it hard to have a conversation. My mind was very focused when needed – very much what I would expect from a Sativa-dominant strain.

But this herb wasn’t done with me yet. The Indica side of the strain showed up after about fifteen minutes in a very relaxed way, putting my body completely at ease – well-relaxed, like I just got out of a Jacuzzi… The Indica and the Sativa were so nicely balanced that neither side of the herb seemed to dominate my mental space… meanwhile, my body just got more relaxed.

If I needed a good night sleep, this herb would be good a couple hours before bedtime. By the time the Sativa side faded the Indica qualities would be there to whisk me off to dreamland!

I do want to mention that this is a great strain for getting deep into some music! I’ve had a mix of electronic music by DJ Jerzy Del Mar on while I’ll write this – and of course I smoked Candyland before I started writing – and I can’t stop bopping around in my chair. The music just sounds delicious and the beats are bouncing around my body like a kaleidoscope of colors – my usual normal levels of synesthesia were greatly enhanced by this strain…

You Can Find Me In Candyland

This is an herb I’m definitely going to buy again, but I’m afraid the service will probably run of of this one real quick. Premium herb like this doesn’t stick around long, and this is truly top-shelf quality cannabis. But as long as these nugs hold out this will be my go-to herb, so if you need to find me in the next couple days, check over in Candyland – that’s where I’ll be for sure!

Until tomorrow, best of health.

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November 30, 2020 3:26 pm

What a wonderful review! I
love when the herb smell and tastes sweet. It’s very tough to grow buds that have those qualities.