Jon’s Daily Sesh | 12.11.2020 | The Return Of Skywalker OG

A certain kind of relief runs through me when I see Skywalker OG appear on the menu of the local delivery service! About every three or four months it shows up again, which is how long it takes the grower to produce a fresh batch, and it never disappoints! A consistent, Indica-dominant buzz that always provides so much relief for my chronic depression, putting an insulation on my nerves and bringing a quietness to my mind.

To create this strain you first take Blueberry and cross it with Mazar… that creates Skywalker. And then you cross that with the legendary OG Kush and you’ll have something amazing called Skywalker OG. Luckily we don’t have to do all that hard lifting, the growers have done it for us – we just get to enjoy the fruits of their labor! How great is that! All you have to do is buy ticket for the ride… and I got a gram ticket for just $15. Here’s how the ride went…

Walkin’ Around The Nug

Maybe it’s because I only bought a gram I treated the nug rather special… it was my star for a photo shoot. I put it in a jar and let the aroma fill it for a couple hours, returning every so often to smell the nug. I like to call that “walkin’ around the nug…” I want to smoke it so bad, but I put it off to build anticipation. By the way – the jar smell was a dank fruity and diesel smell – really strong with lots of gas!

The nug was a beauty, as medium-sized nugs go. The close-up photos revealed dense, clear and milky-white trichomes. What a delight!

Walkin’ around the nug lasted through the evening while Tania and I cooked up some dinner, and then through the washing up afterwards… followed by a cup coffee – and sometime after 9:00, when my bong was freshly cleaned, I started thinking it might be time to check this one out!

The Taste and The High

While I usually start cutting up a nug from the bottom, working my way to the top – to the choice piece… tonight I went about it the opposite and cut the top off the bud – lets start with the best! What a well-cured nug, I thought as I cut the nug up… just like the Skywalker OG I’ve had in the past from this grower.

I held the first hit from the bong in and slowly exhaled the dank, earthy aroma that was wrapped in a thin layer of sulfuric, gassiness. The diesel taste was mild, but present. By the time I had taken a second hit the effects were coming in powerfully. The Indica is strong with this one!

Lidded and heavy in a sedated kind-of-way… the high came in with a solid stone and cut through the coffee buzz I was riding. My thinking slowed down to a nice, slow simmer of ideas and the depression noise faded away, while the stone settled into my body, bringing a complete sense of relaxation.

In my opinion, this is a good one for the kind of person who needs the world to stop for a moment while you chill out for a while, because smoking this did make the it feel as if the world had stopped. If you like a heavy Indica – this one nails it! If you’ve had a bit too much coffee and want to take it down a notch – this one nails it! If you need to shift your world, and put yourself in low gear – this one nails it!

As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, I love mixing Skywalker OG with other cannabis strains. Because it has such a solid Indica base, I can add more Sativa-leaning strains to it, making a well-balanced blend. Tonight I’m going to mix a little Skywalker OG with some Bubba Kush – a CBD bud I’ve been hanging onto all week and see how that goes.

But – at this moment… I just took a third rip from the bong. I don’t know if I needed it. The first two were settling in so nice for the last fifteen minutes and now the third hit is doing a number on my eyes and I’m feeling really lidded. I just looked in the mirror, and my eyes are red, they’re dilated and yes, they are super-lidded. Good times!

So – we’re talking a strong herb. I am a well-seasoned smoker and smoking this one from the bong went like this – one hit, nicely buzzed – two hits, stoned – three hits, oh my!

And that’s about as far as I’m going in a single sitting with Skywalker OG. Once again my mind is headed to a galaxy far, far away while my body slips into a heavy body comfort of marijuana fuzzies and insulated nerves. This is exactly why I get excited when I see Skywalker OG show up on the menu – and I’ll keep a bit of this on hand for those tough days when this will be just the medicine the doctor ordered.

Until later, best of health.

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