Jon’s Daily Sesh | 12.18.2020 | Stand-Out Strains of 2020

It’s been six months today since Red Bench Reviews was launched, and this week we posted our 26th cannabis video review! We’ve had a great time making these reviews for you, and what a lot of amazing herb has been smoked – now it’s time to look back, and pick out the outstanding strains of 2020…

My Favorite Strain of 2020!

Banjo from Coastal Sun Farm!

Coastal Sun Farm did an amazing job with this herb, which is their signature strain. I’m rating this my favorite strain of 2020 because this one was soooo full of amazing goodness – an out-of-this-world Tangelo aroma and flavor, and an extraordinary high! This one got my highest ratings across the board with a combined 4.5 out of 5 – nearly Holy Grail territory!

Not only is the herb from Coastal Sun Farm great, but they are a pleasure to work with… always ready to answer any question I have about the herb, quicker than I would even expect! Thank you Coastal Sun Farm, we look forward to reviewing more of your herb in 2021!

Most Kick-Ass High

Part of the job reviewing herb is getting high – you can’t talk about it if you haven’t tried it, right?! I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to the herb and very few strains can rock my world… but then one comes along and does a number on ya, and you remember what it’s like to get stoned. My hat is off to the GMO Cookies strain from Royal Tree for the most profound, the most stony, the most debilitating and the strongest herb of 2020 – in my humble opinion.

Oh my gosh, this one knocked my socks off, as they say! The smell, the flavor and then the EFFECTS – OMG! This one is for the well-experienced smoker or a very adventurous newcomer – you’ve been warned.

Lots of Love! The Video Reviews…

Lion Claw from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers – this Ruderalis strain was was “all that and a bag of chips!” Delightful smell and taste… great high with a soaring ceiling. I smoked a bunch of Lion Claw this year, and every hit was a winner!


AV Chem Dawg from Deep End Farms – Deep End Farms produced a winner with their cut of Chem Dawg. All the right aromas, flavors and effects. I could literally smoke this everyday!

Orange Creamsicle from Smooth Cannabis – this is the year I really came to appreciate the orange in the cannabis flavor arsenal, and it was Orange Creamsicle that changed my mind. I love the high from this one… a pleasant Sativa lift while the smell makes you think you’re walking through an orange grove. This is a “must-have” strain to keep on hand, and Tania’s current favorite strain.

More Love from Jon’s Daily Sesh

Before we started Red Bench Reviews I hadn’t tried applying my writing skills to writing herb reviews. That sure changed this year! Now writing up a review is about the most fun I can have writing!

We looked a nearly two dozen strains over the last number of months and here are my favorite strains I reviewed in Jon’s Daily Sesh…

Skywalker OG – A nice heavy Indica with a delightful gassy aroma and flavor… I love to blend this herb with others. It’s probably my favorite Indica-leaning strain to use for blends because it has such a consistent profile of effects. I strive to always keep this one on hand!

Illuminati OG – This one was a big surprise. I’d picked up the jar while shopping and let it sit around for over a month – and when I finally checked it out, I realized I had bought I different strain than I intended. Oh my… but the herb blew me away! A great OG, all around – smell, flavor, effects. This was Tania’s first experience with a good OG and she now calls herself an “OG girl”. 🙂

Purple Punch – My favorite strain for knocking out depression (Mendo Breath gets an “also mentioned” for depression busting). It has a sweet flavor that tastes like Grape Kool-Aid. There is an Indica body high that relieves aches and pains, and a mental lift that raises my thoughts above the clouds of depression. Always a winner!

King Louis XIII – Another big surprise this year. This was the first time I had King Louis and I fell deeply in love with the taste and the high. “Can I get more King Louis?” I asked the local delivery service. “We have one more eighth left,” they replied. I snapped it up, and cherished it until the last crumb went up in smoke.

The Real King of 2020

My 8” Wide-Base GRAV Water Pipe!

I can’t rave enough about my bong, which is six-months old today! Not only does it hit like a mean-clean smoking machine but it’s a breeze to keep clean. It’s been an awesome workhorse, performing beautifully in every review… and the review of the bong itself has racked up over 1,800 views on YouTube – the most of any of our reviews!

And that wraps up our look back on 2020. Like most people, I am ready to say good riddance to 2020, but I’ll always remember that the silver lining of this whole crisis for us was starting Red Bench Reviews.

Thank you for joining us here at the Red Bench – the best part of this is we’re just beginning. Right now herb is growing that we’ll be reviewing down the road… and if the right pieces fall into place in 2021, maybe we’ll all be smoking legal herb – nationwide!

Until later, best of health.

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