Jon’s Daily Sesh | 12.25.2020 | A Christmas Wish…

I saw a post yesterday on Instagram, a photo of an herb called Sour Afghan F3 (Blueberry x Northern Lights / Afghan X Sour Diesel) from @heartrockmountainfarm that looked amazing. What got me even more excited was the description: “These are really consistent flowers and have a nice skunk nose. Smells like the seeds my dad and older brother were growing 20 years ago.”

I dream of old school Humboldt Skunk! When I first started smoking the herb we got big, super stinky green buds from our dealer that were sooo sticky and smelled exactly like skunk – in a way that made me forever appreciate the smell of the skunk odor.

If you’ve ever had Skunk buds you’ll never forget the smell – my Holy Grail of herb has to have a strong skunky smell. I remember the smoke had a great thickness and the flavor was strong, pungent and acrid, full of those skunky flavors, with an earthy undertone.

Unfortunately the grower who supplied the Humboldt Skunk to California got busted in 1988, but not before some of his seeds were smuggled to Amsterdam. In the Netherlands the growers went crazy for the Skunk buds, but there was just one problem – the herb stunk so badly growers were getting busted as their gardens couldn’t be adequately hidden. The solution was to breed the plant to remove the skunk smell – and they succeeded, creating Skunk#1.

What a tragedy! For years I haven’t been able to find that amazing skunk nose anywhere, and part of the magic of Skunk buds was the smell! It got you mentally ready to get stoned… it prepared your set and setting.

Reading about this Sour Afghan got me thinking about my Holy Grail of herb. The goal of Red Bench Reviews is to find the Holy Grail of herb, so let’s define that goal…

As I just mentioned above, the penultimate herb is going to have to have a strong Skunk smell, but I also want some diesel undertones with a hint of earthiness and the sweetness of overripe fruit. I’m guessing my dream herb would be about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. I want a body high that has marijuana “fuzzies” and I want to feel that strongly. I also want a head high that sends the mind soaring with a euphoric stream-of-consciousness vibe. And I want a high ceiling on the herb so I can smoke it all day and keep getting higher – I don’t think that’s too much to ask for! 😉

But I’m going to keep my Christmas wish simple this year. I just want some Skunk buds to reappear on the scene this next year. Before 2021 is over I want to review something that reminds me of the old school Humboldt Skunk. Let’s see if that happens…

Everyone – have a great Christmas, and may your highs take you where you want to go!

Until later, best of health.

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December 25, 2020 1:15 pm

I know the kind of herb you’re referring to. We used to get very skunky smelling cannabis in quarter bags around here when I was in high school. I’m not sure where it originated, but I’d definitely like to get my hands on some seeds.