Jon’s Daily Sesh | 12.7.2020 | Bubba Kush

Last night I smoked a classic – Bubba Kush! I’ve been smoking this strain for years and I always love it’s feel. Two hits in, and I’m telling Tania, “Sure enough, this is Bubba Kush! I’d know that one anywhere…” The only difference was I was smoking CBD bud with 17% CBD and less than 0.1% THC.

That’s right – a CBD flower that was hitting me like a THC flower. If I was at a party and someone handed me a joint of this one, I wouldn’t know I’d just smoked something other than regular pot.

This version of Bubba Kush was from Hemp Living USA, the same company that makes the hemp cigarettes I tried out last month. I picked up this 2.5 gram jar at Next Level Vaping & CBD in Yucca Valley. This is the first time I’ve been able to buy CBD buds locally…

Next Level is a way cool shop that is looking to start supplying CBD flowers to customers here in the hi-desert – heaven knows we need it. I applaud them for this, because when I stopped in a couple months ago they were beginning to look into it, and just a few weeks ago they received their first shipment.

In The Jar

The herb inside the jar was in several nice pieces – pieces cut from bigger nugs it looked like – and weighed in at 2.71 grams… nice and generous! Also, Hemp Living USA includes a Boveda humidity pack in every jar! I love Boveda humidity packs – the well-cured herb was fresh as the day it was packed, and smelled earthy, dank, and appetizing.

The nugs cut up really nice, and released more of the earthy aroma as the small pile of herb sat on my tray. I was getting a little excited at this point. This herb was checking off all the right boxes – and all I could think of was – what will this feel like, because it sure looks and smells like Bubba Kush!

The Effects

I loaded a bowl in my new GRAV Last Prisoner Project pipe and took a couple hits.

The smoke from the deep, earthy flavored hit was completely satisfying. I paused after the second hit as I felt the effects fill my body from head to toe. Solid body comfort, the kind I call “putting the insulation on the wires” – took over and the stomachache I had disappeared. As a matter of fact, all the body discomfort I was feeling, and some I didn’t even know I was feeling until it was gone, disappeared within minutes.

My eyes started to feel lidded about this point… and I took a couple more hits.

“I think they put regular herb in here…” I said to Tania after the fourth hit and I meant it. It really felt that way. Not an overwhelming high coming on, but a nice comfortable body stone with an altered head-space.

It’s the altered head-space that was tripping me out. I know CBD bud supposedly doesn’t get you “high”, or so they say, but I couldn’t say that I wasn’t high… my mental vibrations were shifting and changing. I was thinking differently after smoking a bowl than before I started. I don’t know – maybe I’m saying the quiet parts outloud, but I felt a good buzz off of this Bubba Kush, and I’m not complaining!

The buzz lasted about forty-five minutes and landed very nicely. The body comfort continued for awhile longer, but I can’t tell you how long because I smoked some more after the buzz started fading. I’d smoked several different strains over the weekend, including a Sativa (Mimosa) that had 30.6% THC, and this Bubba actually felt better in my body!

Where You Can Get Some

Here’s another positive… if you don’t live in the hi-desert, you can order this herb online and have it shipped to you because it’s 100% legal in the USA. I will definitely be picking up some more of this one, and it just might become one of my go-to herbs.

Hemp Living USA – Bubba Kush, 2.5 grams

Of course, if you do live near Joshua Tree in the hi-desert, then stop by Next Level Vaping & CBD to get your Bubba Kush… the 2.5 gram jar is only $20 and you support a great local business! If you do stop by, tell them Jon from Red Bench Reviews sent you. 🙂

Next Level Vaping & CBD
56460 Twentynine Palms Highway, Suite A
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

(760) 820-1267

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