10.29.2020 | A Collection Of Random Thoughts…

Welcome back to the Red Bench – today I have a bunch of random thoughts on my mind. My sesh last night was one of those contemplative times and a whole mess of ideas flowed through my brain – here’s a few of those ideas…

The Winds Have Changed

For years, supporting marijuana legalization was considered political suicide for the career politicians. They pay attention to which way the wind is blowing, and during the years when the drug war marched relentlessly forward, no self-preserving politician would go near the dangerous issue of legalization.

My, times have changed – and I hope these political types have gotten the memo…

If I was a politician in a state looking to legalize cannabis, either for “adult use” or medical use, I would be wrapping my arms around the cannabis legalization issue, and holding on tightly, because this is looking like a winner right now. In some places the herb is definitely more popular than the politicians.

A sampling – New Jersey – 65% of those polled favored legalizing adult use cannabis. Arizona shows 55% favoring legalization. South Dakota – 74% in favor of medical marijuana… oh my!

Of course, none of this polling means anything if people don’t vote… so, consider this a voting reminder!

Plus – I’ve added a link below to an article from Leafly I enjoyed yesterday. It’s about the voting landscape across the country for cannabis-positive voters:


Recreational Marijuana

Have you ever thought much about the term “recreational marijuana”? What does this term even mean? When I’m sipping on a beer I’m not using “recreational alcohol” – I’m enjoying a beer. When I’m smoking the herb, that’s what I’m doing… not getting all recreational?! Why does cannabis have to be saddled with this outdated, drug war-era term? It’s not a big deal, but words have power and shape peoples perceptions – and lately the term has really been bothering me…

I’m looking for ideas for an alternative… any thoughts? The best I’ve heard is the one I already used earlier – “adult use” – but that still misses the mark, in my opinion. Makes it sound kind of dirty – like something you sell from below the counter, kept out of sight…

CBD Bud Thoughts…

I’m finishing off my last bit of a mix I put together of President Jefferson (a CBD bud) and Avalanche OG (a THC bud) and all I can say is I need to re-up, ASAP…

I was surprised how many people contacted me yesterday to tell me they smoke CBD bud too, and love it! Just when you think you’ve tried everything, and then something like hemp flowers comes along – and other people are way ahead of me on this one. Well, I’m a very prolific smoker, so I should be caught up in no time! 😉

High THC bud seems to be a problem for many people… they’re not even interested in taking a hit of something with over 30% THC. I don’t blame them, THC levels are getting high these days. For the person who wants to mellow the THC content in their bowl, and have a sesh where they can take more than one hit, mixing in some hemp flowers is not a bad idea. Not only does it bring down the THC level throughout the mix, but the CBD is known to help with the anxiety and paranoia that might come from smoking too much THC. Just a thought…

So that’s a few things on my mind… what’s going through your’s as you enjoy your daily sesh?

I love the feedback I’ve been getting on the CBD buds, and would love to hear other peoples experiences… what brands are your favorite? Any popular strains I should try? What is your favorite CBD bud?

Let's get this sesh started!

Add your comments below...

We'd love to see a photo of what YOU'RE smoking, and hear your comments -
feel free to ask questions or start a discussion... we'd love to connect with you!

Until later, best of health ??

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October 29, 2020 9:35 pm

Great review, I’m looking forward to using some CBD bud. Currently smoking some L’empire. Surprisingly good high.

October 29, 2020 6:59 pm

Hey Jon, I agree with you on the outdated verbiage “recreational”.
I think advertisers should just say “use responsibly”, just like they do with alcohol. Sales should be limited to ages 18 or 21+, just like alcohol and tobacco.
The fact that their are still people opposed to cannabis being legal is almost laughable to me. I’d love to ask these people if they ever have a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine. I bet the answer would be yes.
Also, there are so many great strains of cbd flower out there now that it’s hard to choose favorites. I have a license to grow my own, so I like smoking flower that I know is definitely organic. With that said, I love trying all kinds of different varieties from other growers and companies as well. It’s my favorite past-time. 🙂