9.17.2020 | A Contemplation Sesh

Welcome back to the red bench!

Do you remember the Wedding Cake I had a few weeks ago? I commented that the grower brought it to market just a bit early, and I was curious to see what it would be like after it sat in a jar for a while longer.

Well, we are now at a place called “a while longer” because I got an eighth of the Wedding Cake the other day and let me tell you, the magic is there! I’ve smoked this from my beloved bong and from my trusty pipe and I’m thinking I like this one better from the pipe.

The nugs are hard to cut up, because they are thick and dense… very sticky and heavily frosted with resin-rich trichomes. By the time I have a small amount cut up and put in my pipe my fingers are covered with a sticky coating.

The flavor has really come alive since last time I tried it. Now it has a sweet, candy-like flavor with a vanilla cake frosting taste, like a nice piece of wedding cake. The green, uncured flavor of the herb has now transformed into a delightful, rich, earthy undertone.

Since the hard work for the week is over, I’m going to fully get into a sesh with this herb, put on some tunes and chill. This is a good strain for contemplation, and that’s what I need today – a contemplation sesh.

And what am I contemplating? A bunch of things…

+ Patience is the only path to creating exceptional herb! Patience growing, patience harvesting, patience drying, and so important – patience curing the sweet flowers. Just like life… good things take patience.

+ Tomorrow will be three months since this project was born, and yesterday we reached our 50th subscriber on YouTube!!! That is a huge milestone for us because we’ve been watching the stats grow since we launched our YouTube channel in July, and it’s a slow (patient) climb up a giant mountain.

+ The White Stripes album “Elephant” rocks!!! We got a sound bar for our TV a couple months ago (thank you stimulus payment), which has a Roku setup. The sound bar makes this album so clear…. never listened to the lyrics as intensely. Maybe it’s the herb 😉

+ Want to get your mind off the crazy world that 2020 has turned into? Start a “thing”! A blog, a book review site, a garden, a catering business, etc… so many of our friends have a “thing” going on, and I love watching their projects grow.

+ Speaking of growing… We’ve never had so much fun building a brand from the ground up. Red Bench Reviews is growing, as we had hoped, but in many wonderful and unexpected ways. I didn’t expect to be writing a daily column about smoking marijuana back on June 18th. We are making lots of new friends and connections in the cannabis world! The work load has been enormous, but that’s what it takes when you’re starting from zero. We love it, and we’re just getting started!

+ Oh man… this Wedding Cake is soooo delightful. Excuse me while I pack a fresh bowl.

+ Terpenes and the entourage effect – there is so much more to cannabis than strain type and THC content. I’d like to spend a couple weeks getting deep into terpenes and how they affect the high.

+ The body produces its own cannabinoids including THC, yes indeed. It’s called the endocannabinoid system. I love that, but I’ve often wondered if my own body’s system is deficient. I wonder if I ingest the level of THC I do because my system is lacking, and not producing enough on its own? I can’t find any information about this online so this is just my pet theory.

+ Twitter?!? I’m having real problems with this platform. We’ve been on it for two months now and frankly, I am lost. I read all the articles about how to get followers on Twitter and followed their advice. Now – I’m better at losing followers than gaining them with each new post. Mark me confused, but challenged to overcome!

+ What if there was no cannabis on this planet? Holy crap – why is my brain heading down into this nightmare scenario? Must be the 2020 vibe creeping in…

+ But we do have cannabis on this planet!!! Hallelujah! The question: where did it come from? Here’s my version of the story from my novel Moving At The Speed Of Time.

And with that, I’ll leave you to your own contemplations while I finish off this bowl of Wedding Cake. Drop a comment down below if any of my thoughts struck a chord, and let’s get a discussion going 🙂

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