11.6.2020 | A T-Break With CBD

Welcome back to the Red Bench – I can’t believe it’s Friday again, but here we are!

I’ve been on a little THC break – a tolerance break, also known as a T-break – for a couple days. A person might be wondering if I’m missing THC at this point – holy cow, I’m missing it a bunch!

The Rituals

Like I discussed in Monday’s post, when you quit doing something like smoking cigarettes you have to deal with both the chemical aspect and the habit. Luckily there is no physical withdrawal from THC. So taking a T-Break is mostly about habit management.

Yesterday I discussed rituals, which are habits that we do by choice, and as I wrote – smoking the herb has a ton of rituals for me.

I don’t think my interest in CBD bud could have come along at a better time. How about taking a THC break without messing with the rituals? Hallelujah! And that’s just what I’ve been doing, smoking CBD bud when the smoking urge hits me. Surprisingly, that hasn’t been very often. I think just knowing it’s there, and available, takes off a ton of pressure.

But the THC… I am missing that feel. Medically speaking – there is something about THC that makes my body feel it’s best, and it helps get my mental wheels turning.

Banana Kush

I picked up an eighth of herb at the post office today. And it was all legal! I ordered a FREE eighth of Banana Kush from Hempire Direct last weekend and it arrived today. A FREE eighth you say?! Yes – I only had to pay shipping, which came to $7.99. And yes, you can get in on this deal too! Here’s the link: Hempire Direct FREE 1/8.

You can see below one of the buds I photographed from the eighth – it weighed in at 1.97 grams. It was loose and leafy, lacking the tightness that I would expect in something labeled as a Kush.

The buds had a decent cure but were a little dry straight out of the bag. There was a bit of a banana aroma to the two big nugs in the bag, a little earthy and whole lot of what I’m coming to identify as the “hemp” smell.

The hemp smell seems to be a part of all the CBD flowers I’ve smoked so far… it’s a bit grassy, more agricultural than boutique. I’m so used to well-cured cannabis with a great jar smell, that this has put me off a little. Not that I’m souring on hemp, I just want to find that next level of goodness.

The feel of the Banana Kush was where this one really wins. I took about four hits from the bong and loved the feel, which was very similar to a 50/50 strain of cannabis – half Sativa, half Indica. The herb was clear headed and very relaxing. It even helped bring down some of my anxiety about waiting for the election results.

If you are curious to try CBD bud, and don’t want to make a big investment… I suggest giving the Banana Kush from Hempire Direct a try. Know that you’re not getting top-shelf herb, but definitely something worth smoking. BTW – this is currently legal in all 50 states.

Ending The T-Break

I’ll be returning to the THC herb after sundown today. Once again, my appreciation of cannabis is at an all time high. Taking a little break always makes me appreciate the herb so much more. But I’ve been very happy how the CBD bud has helped along the way. I’m thinking that I’ll be taking T-breaks more often, knowing I don’t have to miss out on all my favorite smoking rituals.

Have a great weekend – may your bowl be full of premium herb and your highs extraordinary. Until next week, best of health.

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November 9, 2020 1:08 pm

So I followed the link and ordered a free 1/8 but when I got the app and signed up, it still said not registered! Have you had any issues?