10.19.2020 | Avalanche OG… One Cool Herb!

One of the things I love about my local delivery service – besides the great people who run it – is the loyalty points. Every point equals a dollar off and I had thirty points built up, so I ordered a quarter of Avalanche OG for just $40! That showed up a couple hours ago and now my bong is fresh and clean and I’m ready to get into the jar…

Just a little background. I got a free joint of this strain from the delivery service last week, and smoked it during our happy hour yesterday. The high from the herb settled so pleasantly, that halfway through the joint I already knew I needed to get some more of this one… and so here we are.

This strain is a hybrid… I couldn’t find any information about it’s genetics, so we’ll call this a mystery hybrid. The smallish nugs are lime green and have a floral, perfume smell in the jar, with hints of spicy citrus. The look of the nugs remind me of a Sativa-leaning herb. The herb was so fresh I called the service up and asked how they keep it that way.

The local delivery service told me they keep their herb fresh using Boveda humidity packs.

Hmmm… those packs must work really well because every time I get herb from them it is so fresh. I’ve been having serious issues with my herb drying out very quickly, even using airtight jars. The humidity here today is 15%, and that’s pretty normal for the hi-desert. So I’ll be looking into these humidity packs and have a review of that later this month.

These fresh, well-cured nugs cut up so nicely… really delightful, into little nuggets of herb on the tray. I took some close-ups of the herb and loved seeing all the cloudy trichomes, ripe with terpenes, cannabinoids and all kinds of cannabis goodness. After I cut the first nug up and loaded it in my bong I got into a couple of nice smooth rips…

The flavor of the herb was sweet, like an earthy perfume, with a floral quality… there was a little citrus in the background, a little bit of pine, and each hit made my nose tingle at the end. My nose has been pretty stuffy today, that feeling like a cold might be coming on – and now – it’s clear and feels like I just inhaled fresh mountain air in my nose. Herb as a decongestant(!) – this tells me that the terpene Ocimene is part of the profile of this strain.

Right now I am floating along after those few bong rips… the high has settled in quickly, and is building. If I close my eyes I seriously feel like I’m levitating. My eyes are a bit lidded and my body feels comfortable for the first time today.

This is a truly relaxed herb. Great for daytime cruising. The THC level, I’m guessing is somewhere between 16% and 19%, but that’s just an educated guess. Just a few hit puts me in the mood for getting things done… but I’m gonna take a few extra hits because this is my chill afternoon with no responsibilities for the rest of the day – a rare afternoon indeed, so let’s stretch this out with a couple more rips.

The next couple hits brought in a different feel… what I identify as an OG Kush kind-of-feel. Stony, but in a very relaxed way, no anxiety, total chill. No surprises here… and that’s exactly what I want right now – a solid stoned feeling that’s a smooth ride. Reminds me of the quality of buzz that drinking a nice So Cal IPA brings, like a Stone IPA – chill, relaxed, cool, level-headed but buzzed…

Six hits in… oh my! My eyes are red, and when I get real stoned one eye closes more than the other – I’m at that state. Stony herb, you bet. I think my comfortable stopping place is about four hits. This is a little disorienting, a little sloppy, like maybe I drank a couple beers too fast… but my body is quickly processing the extra THC and I can feel a stability coming on… it refuses to let the boat rock for long – it stabilizes quickly like it has shock absorbers.

Ten minutes later – I’m on a happy stony cruise… the slightly overwhelmed feeling the sixth hit brought on quickly chilled out and I feel great. This herb has a euphoric lift and creates an excellent head-space.

The one word for this strain − cool… in a Southern California kind of laid-back cool.

This one would be perfect for laying out at the beach, enjoying a mellow hike through nature or just kicking back on the patio. If you just take a couple hits, it’s a great working or writing herb – very focused. But the ceiling is pretty high on this one so you can stretch it out, take in a handful of hits and get quite a stone going – a good herb for a long sesh!

I’ll be looking forward to spending a lot of time with this herb over the next week, yes, indeed. 🙂

Until tomorrow, best of health.

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October 19, 2020 4:23 pm

I love how this strain cleared your stuffy nose. The awesomeness of cannabis never ceases to amaze me!