10.9.2020 | Blackwater Grapefruit And The Rolling Tray

Blackwater Grapefruit

The other day I picked up a gram of a new strain that I saw on the menu of my favorite local delivery service. Blackwater Grapefruit?! Never heard of this one (?!) and I wanted to give this strain a spin around the block, so to speak – so I decided to have a sesh yesterday afternoon, and I was impressed from the second I opened the jar.

There was a very pronounced grapefruit smell, with hints of cheese, from the moment the jar opened. Very rich and deep, that kind of smell that lets you know you’ve got some well-cured marijuana in your hands! When I cut up the medium-green nugs they were mildly sticky and indeed well-cured… the aroma of the earthy, cheesy, grapefruit that jumped up from the rolling tray was huge!

I took a hit from my bong and the immediate effect was a flooding of all my senses with marijuana goodness. The flavor matched the smell and had a great earthy aftertaste that made me want to take another hit ASAP! With just a few more hits, the high built into a strong body stone with my eyes lidded and my mind full of ideas and thoughtfulness – a great combo! Oh, and then the munchies hit…

It was a nice fifteen minute sesh and the bowl burned down to a white ash, with flavorful hits all the way down! That’s quality herb! I spent the next hour really enjoying the feel as I got to work on some writing.

The smell of the marijuana smoke lingered for a long time in our cabin and the smell reminded me of walking into a house in the mid-70’s with Led Zeppelin playing on the stereo, and the smell of a just-smoked joint hanging in the air… nice!

My thoughts – I think I’ll be picking up an eighth of this one for my personal use. Two thumbs up!

Much Love For The Rolling Tray

I’ve had a number of rolling trays over the years. It’s pretty much an essential item for any serious smoker. Look up cannabis rolling trays online and you’ll find an amazing assortment of trays – metal trays, plastic trays, glass trays, wooden trays… oh my! Something to fit every taste…

My current tray is a bamboo number I bought this last summer while we were just getting going on the Red Bench Reviews project – we were looking for the best tray for the video reviews. While we settled on a different tray for the videos I kept the bamboo one for my person use.

The tray is about ten inches long and six inches across… plenty of room for cutting up nugs. I may try several different strains during a day, so I like to build little piles of herb in different areas of the tray. This tray has room for at least four piles at any one time! There is also room at the right end of the tray for all the leftovers… I don’t want a crumb of herb to go to waste, you know what I mean.

The stuff that collects on the right edge of the tray I call “the salad herb”. Currently, hanging out in the salad zone is some Motor Breath, Sour OG, Master Kush, King Louis XIII, Cherry Death Star and some Lion Claw. We’re talking about a high that will get you stoned eight ways to Sunday, as they say.

I have a jar where all this herb ends up about once a week, the salad jar. My most recent salad jar started when Red Bench Reviews began and contains a little of something from every review so far. This is my emergency herb, and what a mix I’ll have when I finally get around to smoking this jar!

I love visiting stoners and seeing their rolling trays… I’ve seen the spectrum from perfectly clean trays to ones covered in nearly an ounce of shake. I once saw a picture of Willie Nelson’s rolling tray on his tour bus and it was epic – really big and covered with a ton of herb.

What does your tray look like? Do you keep it clean or does the herb build up? Send us a photo of your tray (or use the comments form below) and we’ll feature the photos on an up-coming Tray Appreciation Day!

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October 9, 2020 9:09 pm

I don’t know if my attached photo went through, but that’s my new black walnut rolling tray from Taz, the hemp reviewer on the YouTube channel “smoking legal”. This got me through the hurricane down south today.
I love it!