8.25.2020 | Broadcasting From The Free State of California


Sour OG… Something To Light Up My Day

I’ve been on a pretty steady diet of Indicas over the last week… that can get a little foggy, if you know what I mean 😉 Time to change it up and smoke an herb that cuts through the fog and provides an energetic up-beat feel. I called the local delivery service yesterday and had some Sour OG sent over ASAP along with some cannabis oil that I use to make cannabis-infused chocolates. Fifteen minutes later the driver was pulling up our driveway.

By the way – that big nug in the photo weighed in at 2.97 grams. Sweet goodness! Those nugs have a sweet/sour smell with OG earthy undertones. The strain is a cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush – two of my favorite strains. Some of the liveliest seshes I’ve ever had involved Sour Diesel. A real conversation-enhancing herb. OG Kush is, of course, a legend – always a good high when it’s done well. This version is a nice mix of the two.

Several hits into the Sour OG the fog of the Indicas blew away. I went from groggy – after an early morning wake-and-bake sesh while we filmed this week’s review – to clear headed and ready to write. And here we are 🙂

Broadcasting From The Free State of California

We live in Southern California, in the hi-desert near Joshua Tree. Along the freeway leading to the desert you’ll see billboards advertising the herb and places to go get some, right that moment – just take the next off ramp. No stress, no struggle, no hiding from the law… just legal purchases of a regulated product. Millions of tax dollars from those sales have poured into the local and state economies, helping fund much needed services.

When the herb went legal back in 2018, much to the chagrin of the anti-marijuana crowd, the populace didn’t turn into a bunch of mindless pot zombies, the children didn’t suddenly have easy access to the dreaded marijuana, and the much feared marijuana legalization apocalypse just didn’t happen.

The biggest change I noticed back in 2018 was the sticker-shock I got when I went to buy herb down in Palm Springs and they had the new taxes added to the price. Ouch! But prices have adjusted over the last couple of years and the taxes have become normalized so much that I rarely notice them.

What does legalization look like? Well, there are plenty of shops selling legal herb and a lot of brands doing their best to deliver quality cannabis on a consistent basis. The herb is often lab tested for THC content, terpenes and more. As I mentioned above, I can get quality cannabis delivered in 15 minutes – at least I can here in the hi-desert. There is never a “dry season”. Remember when we used to go days or weeks without herb back in the eighties and nineties? That just doesn’t happen anymore. At least not in the free state of California… and no one has to be a criminal to enjoy the blessed herb.

Above: A photo I took back in 2007 of medical marijuana buttons I designed and made for a non-profit collective in Long Beach, CA. I produced thousands of these buttons over the next three years. The pot leaf was from a plant we grew back in 1988.

The crying shame is that legalization doesn’t exist across all fifty of the United States. Many of my fellow citizens are going to jail every day for something that shouldn’t be a crime, doing something that many people in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado are making millions of dollars doing legally. That’s pretty messed up! It’s up to us in the free states to not rest until all our brothers and sisters are set free from marijuana prohibition! In reality, until all of us are free, none of us will be truly free. The feds could turn nasty at any time and bring this party to an end. Serious stuff, but necessary to think about…

In the days, weeks and months ahead we’ll be highlighting the various groups helping to bring an end to the war on marijuana and those helping to repair the damage of this decades long system of oppression. Stay tuned.

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