8.28.2020 | Cocktails of Cannabis

Cocktails Of Cannabis

Welcome back to the red bench… a happy Friday to everyone!

That cocktail I mixed up yesterday did the trick and lifted me above my depression! Skywalker OG mixed with Mendo Breath and Sour OG – very nice. The tastes combined wonderfully and the effect worked out better than I hoped for… I’ll be developing more cannabis cocktails or blends – I think there is a big future in specialized mixes of strains for various medical needs.

By the way, blending cannabis strains is a thing. My good friend Josh H. from down in Long Beach first turned me on to this idea about a dozen years ago. He rolls the best joints I’ve ever smoked – just saying!

I got curious last night about blending and did a little research… I found this article online, which was interesting and informative on the subject. One of the combinations they suggest is Sour Diesel and OG Kush – now that’s a winner I’ve tried before!


Do you blend your cannabis and make your own cocktails? Drop us a comment and let us know what your favorite blend is…

Disclaimer: Depression is a serious illness. I am, by no means, suggesting that cannabis will heal your depression. I use it to alleviate the symptoms of depression. I also have a mental health care professional I see on a regular basis, along with a daily regimen of prescription medicines I take. Cannabis is just a part of my plan for wellness.


Name The Gecko

The Gecko now has a name – Lil’ Tiger. The name came from behind last night and pulled off a win! Thanks to Nora N. for first suggesting the name… Runner up names were just plain Tiger, suggest first by Tammy W. and Zippy, first suggested by Tania.

Thanks for participating!


A Shout-Out of Thanks!

I wanted to end this week with a shout-out to the great people who have been responding to our posts here at the red bench and across the social media!

Tammy W. is our number one commenter! Thank you Tammy for keeping the conversation alive… we love hearing from you!

Across the socials – Victor V. has been consistently jumping in, as well as Ela G. and Gregg Lo-Fi – thank you so much!

My daily sesh comes alive when people join in – otherwise I’m just talking to the wind… our whole goal is to share content that’s useful, informative and connects with people, so when we get feedback we know we’re on track!

Have a great weekend everyone, we’ll be back on Monday with some special new strains to share with you!

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