9.4.2020 | Elevate Your Sesh – It’s A Lifestyle

Elevate Your Sesh – It’s A Lifestyle

As we bring this week to a close I hope you have found my tips on how to elevate your sesh both interesting and informative. Today we’ll finish by reviewing what we talked about with an eye towards making this part of a healthy, cannabis-positive lifestyle.

Whether you blaze from the minute you open your eyes in the morning until the minute you fall back asleep, or are an occasional smoker – we can all benefit from raising our smoking game, or, as we’ve been saying all week – Elevate Your Sesh. Smoke happier and healthier, getting quality highs while possibly using less herb.

I can tell you, it’s easy to mindlessly smoke through a bunch of pot. I know because I’ve done that on numerous occasion in the past. When I’m deep in a project like building a website or writing a novel I can smoke through bowls of marijuana in an evening without giving any thought to the process. I DO NOT recommend this at all because it leads to an unhealthy relationship with the herb.


For awhile now I’ve been taking steps to elevate my own seshes – and the first step I took was instituting a plan for mindfulness. I moved the location where I kept my herb from right next to the computer to the red bench. Now I have to pause, get up from the computer and move myself across the room to pack a fresh bowl. It’s little things like this that can make a big difference. Now I’m more thoughtful of when and how much I’m smoking. And yes, this has caused me to smoke less marijuana while enjoying it just as much, or more.

Set and Setting

Thinking about my set and setting, which I wrote about on Monday, has become second nature to me over the years. I couldn’t imagine preparing for a sesh without these things in mind – even if it’s just checking with myself to make sure I don’t have any pressing business that needs to be attended to before I take a hit. By doing this I give myself permission to get high. That is a crucial element of my set and setting that leads to being relaxed and in the moment when the trichomes start to go up in flames.

Clean Glass!

I can’t stress enough about the importance of clean glass. Oh, you’re gonna hear me repeat myself on this one because having clean glass is SO important. If you use a bong, keep the water fresh and change it before a big sesh gets started. I do because I want to taste the flavor of the herb and not the bubbling essence of old bong water. And, of course, I recommend using Randy’s Black Label Glass Cleaner or something similar on a regular basis to keep the resin gunkies away.

Know Your Herb

One of the side benefits of doing reviews for Red Bench Reviews has been that I spend a lot more time researching the herb I’m about to smoke. I’ve always been interested in knowing what kind of herb I’m smoking, but all summer my level of research has gone deep. I am enjoying learning as much as I can about each strain so I can pass the information along to you – my readers and viewers, and, as a side benefit, I’ve been noticing my appreciation of the herb has gone way up. I smell it and taste it better, or at least I’m more aware of the subtle differences between different strains. I can positively tell you that knowing your herb will elevate your sesh.

How Do You Elevate Your Sesh?

There are probably a thousand and one more ways to elevate your sesh, from simply adding ice to your bong to saying little prayers of thanksgiving to the Creator before taking a hit. I’m sure you’ve got a few things you do to raise your smoking game… ideas, habit and rituals you’ve picked up along the way… maybe you have a certain piece of paraphernalia that elevates your smoking experience. Well, let’s hear about it in the comments below!

You can upload photos of your herb or that special piece of paraphernalia in the comments, and, of course, I’d love to hear about what you’re smoking today…


Earlier this week I picked up a couple of grams of some Gorilla Glue #4, also known as GG4 and sometimes as just Original Glue. This batch was a bit too fresh when I got it so it sat in the jar for a couple days to improve the flavor. Well… it sort of sat in the jar, because I kept taking little pieces of the nugs to fill my pipe 😉 Now I’m down to the last nug and the flavor is starting to improve.

The light green nugs were so sticky, amazingly sticky, and frosted with trichomes (my iPhone photo above just doesn’t do the nug justice). This Sativa-dominate strain has a nice boost to it, which is why I couldn’t leave the jar alone. The high is immediate and strong, going straight to my eyeballs. A couple hits in I’d have to put the pipe down and let the effects fill my body before finishing off the bowl. The high does bring with it a nice shot of euphoria, a nice happy feeling. Maybe that’s because every time I think about smoking this strain it puts a smile on my face.

I have seen a lot of different takes on GG4 over the last three or four years – from stringy, leafy buds to dense, solid nugs and everything in between. While this is a fantastic strain, one I’ll usually take a chance on with my limited budget, it really comes down to how good a job the grower did bringing the best out of the plant. This grower did a fine job on this one, and if there is any of this GG4 left from the delivery service in a few weeks I’d like to give it another try.

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