8.21.2020 | Feelin’ the love!



Feelin’ the love!

362 views (so far)!!! We are blessed to have had Coastal Sun Farm post our video review of their amazing Tropical Punch on their Instagram page on Wednesday! We got to connect with people we wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to – and got some “visibility” and most importantly, got to share our sesh with so many good folks!

We got subscribers who want to see more of what’s going on at Red Bench Reviews – and comments that opened up conversations – and it was so exciting!!! Every single like and comment is appreciated more than you know… many thanks to Coastal Sun Farm- you are the best! What an opportunity- wow.

More reviews from these amazing growers of the blessed herb are coming your way in the future!!!

Link: Coastal Sun Farm

Here’s the video they posted…

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What I’m listening to today while I chill…

We discovered an artist this week named Nico Luminous… downbeat, chill, triphop music… not sure what to call it other than groovy. He liked our video when Coastal Sun Farm posted it Wednesday night, we followed the “like” and found a ton of great music! Now he’s been playing constantly on Spotify here at The Outpost. You can find Nico Luminous all over the internet… YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and elsewhere.

Here’s a link to his webpage: https://nicoluminous.com/

In the news…

Pot farms in California are burning!

The wildfires are threatening numerous marijuana farms across Northern California and several have burned so far. Growers that couldn’t insure their crops are facing big losses. Praying for a change in the weather! ?? I’ll do a rain dance if necessary…

News link: https://mjbizdaily.com/california-wildfires-claim-several-marijuana-farms-threatening-growers-with-financial-losses/

What’s in my bowl?

I’m still smoking that very fine Cherry Death Star… stony! 😉

Let's get this sesh started!

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Until later, best of health ??

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