9.11.2020 | Fireball Friday!

Welcome back to the red bench! Happy Friday everyone 🙂 Today were checking out the Fireball…

Smoking The Fireball!

Early in the week I picked up an eighth of a strain called Fireball from the local delivery service. They do four gram eighths and I sure appreciate that extra half gram. They also have a loyalty points program and I guess my points had built up because this eighth was free! I really love that price!

The description said that it was an Indica that was good for depression and the photo online showed a real nice looking nug. I was sold.

You can see from the photo above the eighth was not lacking. Four nice-sized nugs – dense and solid, a good cure and a decent taste – decent, meaning the flavors of the hashy, fruity herb are quite mellow, and so is the high. Very relaxed without being overwhelming. As the week wore on I kept adding little bits of the Fireball to my bowl, often mixing it with other strains. But I was overlooking the real power of this strain…

Last night I got fully into one of the nugs and had a nice sesh, just really feeling the herb on it’s own. The fruity tastes, like over-ripe fruit – but in that wonderful marijuana way – seemed stronger than I had noticed before. The hashy flavors were very prominent – probably because I was more concentrated on the herb.

The head high was light, pleasant and comfortable – contemplative – easy to get stuff done. The body high was VERY relaxing. I had a bunch of physical discomfort from depression yesterday and this really helped with that… helped so much that I forgot about it for several hours.

That’s some good medicine!

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you all find the herb you’re looking for and have a chill sesh or two over the weekend…

I’m planning on trying out a strain called Banjo from Coastal Sun for our next video review. I’ve heard good things about this strain, we’ll see if what I’ve heard matches what I find in the jar. That review will be coming next Wednesday… things to look forward to!

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