8.27.2020 | Going To A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Going To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Welcome back to the red bench… today I’m headed for a galaxy far, far away with some Skywalker OG.

This is an Indica-dominate strain that’s a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush. For me it’s been very good at easing aches and pains and helping with my depression. Because the depression is hitting hard today I’ll be mixing a cocktail of the Skywalker and the Mendo Breath I reviewed yesterday. Gonna try to get my brain back on an even keel and give it some relief. I might even throw in some Sour OG just to add an energetic bump… gonna cut through this depression like a lightsaber 🙂

May the force be with you! What are you smoking today?


Keeping Your Glass Clean!

For years I used rubbing alcohol and salt to keep my pipe clean. It was a messy process. I would put the pipe in a baggie with a good helping of the rubbing alcohol and salt and shake and shake. Then it would sit overnight and the next morning I would use hot water and dish soap to do the final cleaning… and still my glass had a faint smell of resin.

This all changed when I got a new bong in June. I hate gunky bongs so I vowed to myself to clean my bong every morning before the day’s smoking began. I did some research to find out the best way to do this nasty chore, and every path seemed to lead to Randy’s Black Label glass cleaner. I invested in a bottle and gave it a try.

OMG! I thought as I shook my bong after just pouring in a small amount of the Randy’s cleaner. The pink liquid and salt (?) mixture scrubbed my bong clean in under a minute. After I rinsed the bong out it looked and smelled brand new – not even a hint of resin!!!

I now use about a bottle or more of Randy’s every week to keep the bong sparkling fresh. The nasty chore has turned from a dreaded task to a simple and effortless part of my morning routine… thanks Randy’s!

This is an unpaid product endorsement, just so you know. And a small note – Randy’s had just changed up their formula and the pink is out. Blue is the new color. My next shipment of Randy’s shows up in a few days… I’ll let you know if it’s just as good the pink stuff.

How do you clean your glass? What is your favorite product?

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August 27, 2020 6:20 pm

Hope your day has gotten better after your cocktail! I have been using Skywalker in the chocolates ever since you showed me how!?