8.24.2020 | Have I met my match?

Saturday night… enter the dreamworld

I got a free joint on Friday from the delivery service I use for my daily smoke. It was from some new product they just got in, a strain called Platinum Delato… a Gelato-cross of some kind. I’m a fan of the Gelato strain so I was looking forward to trying this out. So, on Saturday evening, during our happy hour I lit up the joint.

Delicious! Earthy, diesel, pungent! Just the way I like my herb to taste… I enthusiastically took about 3 or 4 hits… savoring the great flavor. Tania, who wasn’t smoking, remarked that it smelled great as the clouds of smoke filled our patio. My body started to feel very comfortable… so I took a few more hits. And then the creeper effects hit me – like a hammer.

Oh my… that is powerful, I thought as my body started to feel the effects. My eyes got heavily lidded. The high turned to stoned and a heavy cloud-wall of fog moved into my brain. I was getting whammied and the creeper effects were still moving in. By the time I finished my happy hour beer my brain had entered the stoney dreamworld of Indica overload.

Heavily-lidded, moving in a space somewhere between reality and a dream I started to make our dinner. That was an adventure… it seemed to take way longer than it should of because I was spaced-out half the time. I could barely keep my eyes open while I ate. I laid down a napped right after dinner and slept deeply for a couple hours. When I woke back up I had a hangover from the herb. Very unusual. I stayed up for a few more hours but just couldn’t shake the after effects of the Platinum Delato. My, that was some very powerful herb – and the effects just kept going!

Sunday morning I felt just fine and the adventure was over. I guess even with my high tolerance an herb can still overwhelm me… that doesn’t happen very often. After all, my super power is that I can smoke more herb than anyone ;)!

About the Platinum Delato – I could not find any strain info on the internet. I’m guessing this is a name the grower called the herb and it doesn’t seem to be a wide-spread strain. I would have called this one Gelato Kryptonite because it disabled my super power.

Lesson learned: A strong reminder to go easy when trying a new strain. Thank goodness I had nothing I had to do on Saturday night because all plans would have been canceled.

Do you know anything about this strain? Drop the info in the comments below…

Mendo Breath – A Strain Profile

Here’s an article I read a couple of weeks ago. Loved it! It’s so well written, has great photos and is very informative so I wanted to share it with you. Our video review coming up this week is of Mendo Breath, so here’s some background information…

Strain Review: Mendo Breath Is a Taste of the Emerald Triangle from CannabisNow

Link: https://cannabisnow.com/strain-review-mendo-breath/

It’s Name The Gecko week!

Tania took this photo of a little Gecko that joined us for a sesh on Saturday… I rolled him a very small joint as you can see ;)-

He’s a Western Banded Gecko hatchling and he lives under our patio – what do you think we should name him?! Below are the names that have already been suggested – vote for one of them or suggest your own! Results on Friday!

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August 24, 2020 5:15 pm

So we need to get together one of these weekends, I think I have a high (pun intended)tolerance too! Lol
All your reviews make me eager to try them! With the exception of the Mai Tai!