8.22.2020 | Introducing Jon’s Daily Sesh


Let’s Do-Si-Dos

Welcome back to the red bench… happy Saturday to everyone!

Today I’ve got some Do-Si-Dos all cut up in the tray and ready to go. Because it’s the weekend I’m getting started early with a few pipe hits to go with my coffee. Do-Si-Dos is a sweet, earthy herb with a hint of diesel. The diesel really starts to show up when you cut up the nugs. I find this herb is very balanced between a mind and body high. Over the last few weeks I’ve been keeping this on hand as my “go-to” herb because it helps blow away the clouds of depression. Good medicine!

Introducing Jon’s Daily Sesh

The changes just keep on coming 🙂

We’re barely into this project and we’re already breaking rules… this time we’re “violating community standards” over in our Facebook Group because we’re posting photos of the herb and talking about it. What can we say? Guilty as charged… and we’ll keep doing exactly that, but just not on the Facebook platform. After all, they own the platform and they make the rules. Now we’re packing our bags and preparing to leave Facebook.

So, one door closes and another on opens, as they say. And with that, let me introduce you to Jon’s Daily Sesh.

For the last month I’ve been running the daily social media campaign for Red Bench Reviews, something I really enjoy doing. It takes up my first few hours of the day while I have coffee, look at my herb choices for the day, and check the latest news. You can read more about that here: Website, Wednesday and The Ritual.

When Facebook threatened to ban us my mind kicked into high gear (no pun intended) looking for an alternative. “Why not take all the content I’m posting each day to the socials and create a daily post from the website… and why didn’t I think of this sooner?” was how my mind went.

Several days of high speed programming ensued and here we are – introducing a new feature to the Red Bench Reviews website.

Here’s the plan: everyday (Monday through Friday) I’ll post a new Jon’s Daily Sesh between 11:00 – 1:00 that contains my daily smoke with bud shots, news bits, interesting cannabis culture news from around the web, and whatever happens to be floating through my brain while I write up the post. I promise we’ll keep this interesting!

For the next several weeks we’ll continue to post in our Facebook Group, but only links to bring people to where the real action is. By September the Facebook Group will go away.

Want to get in on the cannabis goodness? Subscribe to our mailing lists and get on board! We have three lists to choose from:

  • Jon’s Daily Sesh – daily emails full of cannabis tidbits, bud shots and more.
  • The Reviews – weekly emails on New Review Wednesday.
  • Backstage – occasional emails about how we make Red Bench Reviews happen.

I recommend signing up for all three lists so you don’t miss out on anything.. go BIG!

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August 23, 2020 8:29 am

We got tired of Facebook selling our info and escaped a year ago, don’t miss it at all!
I’m joining you this morning with an oldie but goodie Cookies and Cream with my coffee!