10.1.2020 | Long Live The King!

Welcome back to the red bench – and a big hello to October! This is one of our favorite months and our anniversary (34 years of love) is coming on the twelfth… not to mention the change in the weather – it’s a winner!

I can’t think of a better day to tell you about a strain I just tried for the first time the other day – King Louis XIII! Where was this strain hiding? Why wasn’t I pointed to this delightful Indica-dominate strain years ago? Right now I’ve got the diesel, gassy, earthy aftertaste of a bong rip in my mouth and I am loving it…

My eyes are lidded as I sit at my computer writing to you. My body has that wonderful sensation that a good Indica can give, I call it the “fuzzies”. This is not to be confused with a mental fuzziness, oh no… my mind feels sharp like all my synapses are firing happily in my brain.

I picked up an eighth of this strain from my favorite local delivery service. They sell four gram eighths that always weigh heavy. I wish all eighths were four grams because that extra half a gram makes such a difference… that’s about two bowls of extra smoking – bonus herb like that keeps me coming back for more!

The nugs, as you can see from the photo above, were nice and generous! The jar smell was a sweet, pungent aroma of earthy, over-ripe fruit that tells me right away I’m dealing with some well-cured herb – even before I poured the nugs onto the tray to inspect them.

One of the joys of my life are well-cured, dense nugs that cut up like slicing through a hunk of cheese – it feels about the same to my scissors. They just make me happy when they have that nice, thick feel with just the right amount of resistance on the blades. These nugs had all that and more!

This is what happens when you take an OG Kush and cross it with LA Confidential deep in the heart of Southern California – you get a strain with amazing flavor and high! While this strain has been around for years here in So Cal, I have never tried it before! That amazes me because both OG Kush and LA Confidential are cannabis superstars! And their offspring is too…

I’ve had a few really nice seshes with this since the delivery service dropped this off on Tuesday morning… really getting a chance to see what this strain can do, and I am impressed. The high came in slow and quickly built up in strength. It hit strongly in the chest and spread from there throughout my body. The high put a nice insulation on my nerves and gave my body that cozy herb feel – in just the right measure, that’s the “fuzzies” I mentioned earlier.

But this wasn’t just a body high herb. The high came on with a nice euphoric lift that lit my mind with a stream of thoughts and ideas. A real pick-me-up! Once the high settled in I decided I was going to get some more of this herb as soon as I could – oh my, a serious, new go to!

My favorite way of smoking this herb was with the bong. It seemed like such a special experience each time I sat down at the red bench for a sesh. I also enjoyed this one with my pipe, and it worked well as a work day smoke as I took occasional hits from my pipe while sitting at my computer – writing and working on the website… I haven’t tried it in a joint yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

Long live the king!

Until next time, best of health.

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