10.30.2020 | Making A Mix…

Welcome back to the Red Bench! I can’t believe a whole week just flew by, and here we are at Friday again. Thank you to everyone who contacted me this week through all the different social media platforms… all of you made my week just so much better!

I am on a great high right now… I just smoked a wonderful mix of herb – Legendary OG (a CBD bud) and Banjo (a THC bud)… let’s break this mix down.

Legendary OG

Legendary OG comes from J&K Distribution, a CBD hemp flower company here in California. I bought a few eighths online last week to dip my toes into the CBD waters, so to speak. The eighths from this company come in sealed tins – here’s what it looks like when you open the tin.

This hemp flower has 15.8% CBD. As you can see from the shot of the nug, that’s some nice looking herb!

I was surprised that this tin was a little dry when I opened it. I moved the nugs to a jar and added a piece of lettuce for a couple hours and the buds re-hydrated nicely.

The nugs had a dank, earthy and spicy smell… I didn’t detect anything about the smell that made me think of an OG. The smell reminded me more of a Haze – spicy and a bit peppery.

The feel of the smoke was smooth, once it was re-hydrated, and led to a heavily lidded, almost stoned feel that was very nice on the body… very relieving for the hard depression I’ve been going through for over a week. But I wasn’t just interested in smoking this herb by itself – I wanted to create a mix.


If you saw my Banjo video review a month ago you’ll know that Banjo is near the top of my favorite strains list. It got the highest rating of any strain we’ve reviewed yet.

Banjo is a very Sativa-dominant hybrid with a distinct tangelo taste. I can’t think of a better strain to start your day with, so I was very excited when I saw that Green Leaf dispensary in Desert Hot Springs had an eighth of this strain for only $25. I got in the car the next day and drove to Green Leaf, had a great time talking herb with the budtender there, and picked up an eighth along with a few other strains we’ll be reviewing very soon.

This version of Banjo comes from Pacific Stone, a company from Santa Barbara. The well-cured nugs were on the small side – and the THC level was pretty low on this one – only 14.56% – and smoking it, that was noticeable. There just wasn’t any kick from the herb.

I was pretty disappointed with this Banjo after the one I had reviewed from Coastal Sun Farm. I put all the herb in a jar to keep it fresh and set the jar aside for later…

Making A Mix

So, I’m pretty excited about CBD bud – hemp flowers – right now. After all these years of smoking the herb, this has added a whole new dimension I didn’t even know existed. Beautiful flowers that smoke like the herb I love so much, but with a different kind of feeling – very comforting and relaxing. I am more than curious…

But I’m not exactly satisfied just smoking CBD bud… I need some THC to really make the whole thing come together. That’s the feel I’m really loving right now – CBD + THC. It’s like thinking with both sides of your brain. The feel of mixing the two seems so much larger and fuller.

Since I started making mixes last weekend, first of the President Jefferson (CBD) with the Avalanche OG (THC) and now I’ve made a mix of this Legendary OG with the Banjo – I don’t know if I can go back to smoking just THC bud. THC bud, smoked alone, over the last few days feels like something is missing… I’m guessing it’s the CBD, obviously!

So this mix I made… I cut up a piece of one of those Legendary OG nugs – very solid and dense. It made a nice little pile in my tray. Then I cut up several nugs of the Banjo… so I had an equal amount to the Legendary OG. When I had two piles sitting on my tray I used a Zig-Zag rolling paper package to mix the herb together, folding the piles into each other for about 30-45 seconds until the two were well-blended. The resulting pile made enough for several bowls worth of smoke.

If you use a grinder, just add a little nug of each herb into the grinder and give your grinder a few twists. Instantly you’ll have a mixture of the herb all ready to go. This is actually easier than my preferred method, but I’m a bit old school and like the ritual of the process of cutting up the herb.

As I mentioned earlier, the effects of the mixture was much fuller than smoking either herb on it’s own. The two complimented each other wonderfully. It was not an overwhelming feel, but like the CBD in the Legendary OG caused the Banjo to reach a higher level. The buzz was perfect for writing and doing stuff, and it took the sedative edge off of the CBD bud.

The spiciness of the Legendary OG blended perfectly with the tangelo flavor of the Banjo. Several times during the sesh I smelled the distinct smell of Pop Tarts – a berry flavor, I believe.

Together, I really enjoyed the taste, the thickness of the smoke, the effects and the ritual of making the mixes… nothing wrong here at all!

Got any mix suggestions? I’ll be experimenting myself and let you know what I come up with!

That is it for this week on Jon’s Daily Sesh…we’ve got a video review to shoot this weekend for next week’s New Review Wednesday, some Blue Dream from Source Cannabis with 25.6% THC, oh my – that’s something to look forward to!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween… may your bowl be full of good herb, your highs superb and don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour on Saturday before you go to bed if you have Daylight Savings Time – until later, best of health.

Check Out This Stash Box!

We got this photo in the other day from @420cannaexpert with our sticker added to the fine collection of stickers he has on his stash box. Thanks man!

Just got to say, that is one fine looking stash box full of great looking herb… a bunch from Coastal Sun Farm, including some Banjo!

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October 30, 2020 4:30 pm

That sounds like an incredible blend Jon! I have a website with the hemp flower I grew if you ever want to check it out.