9.16.2020 | New Review Wednesday | Banjo from Coastal Sun Farm

Welcome back to the red bench! It’s New Review Wednesday – and I am excited to share a strain with you called Banjo which is now one of my favorite herbs.

Banjo, as you will find out, is an amazing Sativa-dominate hybrid strain. I have never experienced such a citrus smell and flavor. If I close my eyes I can imagine I’ve just peeled open a tangelo and put a slice in my mouth… and the aftertaste is soooo delicious.

About the high – it received the highest rating I’ve ever given – yet! Here’s the review so you can see what got me so excited…

As you may know, our video strain reviews are completely spontaneous. They are meant to capture the moment for you, our friends, joining us at the red bench! From the unboxing, to the smell, the close-ups, the bong rips, my reactions to the flavors and the high – it’s all spontaneous. And every time the experience is different. That is the beauty of this plant… every strain is unique, every jar or package of herb is a new experience.

If you want to read the whole review, along with my follow-up, where I expand on things I didn’t cover during the video review, you can go here: Coastal Sun | Banjo Strain Review

What Is Your Herb Preference?

Have you voted on our poll asking what is your favorite type of herb? We’ve been running the poll for about a month on the front of our website and here are the results so far:

  • The Sativa-dominate hybrid comes in at 18.18%
  • Indica-dominate hybrid is in second place with 27.27%
  • Leading the pack with 54.55% is Indica!

I voted for Indica, so I’m pretty happy about that 😉 Surprisingly nobody has voted for Sativa or the straight Hybrid… I’m really surprised by that. Where are the Sativa lovers?!?

Here’s the poll so you can vote now (If you got this in your email, head over to the site and vote!):

The reason for this poll is to find out what everyone prefers because we want to make sure we are delivering reviews on products that people want to use. So vote today… vote early and often, as they say.

And a bonus question – do you have a favorite STRAIN of herb? Tell me in the comments so I can look for it when I’m herb shopping!

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Denise Alley
September 23, 2020 4:01 pm

I’m drooling ?. Thank you Jon. You really do an incredible job with these. I just have one problem. I need to move to California hahaha. Tell Coastal Sun MA is a dump for cannabis? It needs their Goodness. This isn’t giving me stars, which I mess up on. But a definite 5, as Always!! 5☆☆☆☆☆
Stay healthy and safe 🙂