11.4.2020 | New Review Wednesday | Blue Dream from Source Cannabis

Welcome back to the Red Bench – it’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for a new video review!

This week we’re looking at a West Coast classic – Blue Dream… this Sativa-dominant hybrid from Source Cannabis came in at 25.6% THC and was a delightful strain to review. Oh my – the look, smell, taste and feel – all very top shelf. Check out the review on YouTube!

I was glued to the computer last night waiting for election results to come in – so my written review of the Blue Dream is running late this week… that will be posted soon.

Election Results

The Presidential race may be undecided at this point, but there is no question that the herb won big last night! A complete sweep, or as I read in one article – A Green Wave. We now have 15 legal states and 36 medical marijuana states. Time for the Feds to legalize nationally!

Here’s a few links to some articles about the cannabis vote:

Leafly has the most concise, cannabis-positive wrap up… go here for the latest results…


Read about the Green Wave…


Here’s the article from the mainstream “paper of record”, The New York Times…


Of course, we should let High Times weigh in…


Taking A T-Break

As you might know, I am generally in favor of having a high tolerance. I wrote a whole post about it you can read here. But even I need to take a t-break, or tolerance break every once in a while. Now that my life involves reviewing herb, I want my herb-judging senses to be at their best.

I’ll be smoking just CBD bud for the next three days because some studies have shown that CBD helps restore the CB1 receptors, which are crucial for the high we feel from smoking THC bud.

My CBD buds of choice for this t-break is President Jefferson and Altum Verde, both from J&K Distribution. Altum Verde is a Sativa-leaning strain that provides an uplifting and relaxing head space and nice body comfort.

This strain has 12.9% CBD and no THC to speak of. The taste is very delightful – spicy, fruity and with a nice, thick smoke quality – a delicious smoke..

With President Jefferson and Altum Verde by my side this t-break should be a breeze… we’ll see. I’ll update you tomorrow.


Enjoy celebrating our herb victories today – and until tomorrow, best of health.

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