10.7.2020 | New Review Wednesday | Jedi Nights OG from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers

Welcome back to the Red Bench – it’s Wednesday and that means we’re all about today’s new video review… and we’ve got a good one for you this week!

Let’s add another herb to my favorites list!

This week we got into a strain called Jedi Nights OG from Arcanna Cannabis Flowers. This company is family owned and represents a number of small cannabis farms in the Mendocino County area. A couple of weeks ago I tried their Lion Claw strain and was pretty much blown away by the quality – so it seemed like a good idea to try another strain from this cannabis company… and I’m glad I did!

I picked up this jar at Desert’s Finest in Desert Hot Springs where it’s only $35 an eighth! Holy cow! I hope they don’t sell out their stock before I have a chance to pick up another jar…

I’d tell you more about the strain, but I’d just repeat what I wrote in the review, so check that out here!

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